Saturday, February 03, 2007

Super Saturday

I love Saturday. Actually I love any day that begins with staying in bed past 5:30 am and fresh coffee. Add a quick early trip to the grocery store before the rest of the world is up and out, and! Nirvana.

Thats how today began. Obbie has some family obligations, so I'll be left to my own devices today. And most likely he'll be going out to a male bonding party this evening. I have almost a whole day to myself. Excellent.

We stocked in plenty of supplies for the Super Bowl, so we won't have to go out into retail mayhem tomorow, and I'll be premaking a lot of our snacks ahead of time.

I've got several bead projects that need attention, and maybe, just maybe a quick spiff up of the living room. I already spackled the holes in the wall caused by the corner of the futon digging into the cheap plaster. Prior to me moving in, the landlady did some very cheap, very quick, very cheesy touchups, and it's starting to show. I need to take action now. Only because she won't do it, and indeed, it will cost me my own money, it'll be done, and I won't have to look at the problems anymore. After I moved in, I installed (Or rather Sweet Jack the mechanic installed) two ceiling fans. I got both at Kmart in the super deep discount aisle. I sent the bill to the landlady along with my rent. She freaked out. Totally. Made it quite clear that I am to have her approval on any future reimbursable purchases. Fifteen bucks for two ceiling fans? And she freaked? That kind of quelled any desire for me to do any more home renovations. Until now. As far as I'm concerned, I'm in this house for at least another year. I'm going to make it as comfortable and as fixed up as possible. I'll do it out of my own pocket, and therefore, she won't have a fit. So there.

Anyway. Thats my weekend. Bachelorette sorta tonight, Super bowl tomorrow.

Whats on your menu? We're having:

Steamed Shrimp
Steamed Clams
Stuffed Mushrooms
Baked Buffalo chicken fingers
Guacamole/salsa/dip with multigrain tortilla chips


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