Thursday, February 15, 2007


Pipe down! I'm still here. Nothing tragic happened to me. I haven't gotten around to blogging lately. But here, now, I will!

Anna Nicole Smith: I feel kind of bad for her. She was a hick kid from Nowheresville USA, who got new tits and met an old man who fell in love with her. She wanted to be somebody. Sadly, she wasn't the sharpest tack on the bulletin board, and with her tits, fame and money, came the vultures. Poor kid was used and abused by the people she trusted, and they happily exploited her. Now her son is dead, she's dead and her infant daughter is being cared for by the same vultures who killed her. I hope her spirit haunts them til the day they die.

Hilary Clinton: Those of you who know me are waiting for me to say how great and wonderful it is to have a female in the running to be nominated to run for President. WRONG! She's a scary, scary woman. Smart as hell, but a raving bitch. Now THAT is frightening. She worries me a great deal.

Dixie Chicks: I'm greatly amused by the bad mouthing the 'Chicks got when Natalie Maines dissed the Shrub. Let me get this right. Free speech is okay as long it's on your terms, and what you want to hear. Unless I really overslept, the last time I checked, the 'Chicks were ENTERTAINERS. A BAND. SINGERS. Not making policies or representing anyone but themselves. They aren't elected officials of this country (A world superpower) The head elected official who has been quoted as saying, " I think -- tide turning -- see, as I remember -- I was raised in the desert, but tides kind of -- it's easy to see a tide turn -- did I say those words?" Maybe a musical group SHOULD be spokespeople for our country. How much freakin' worse could it get? Anyway, Yeah Chicks! 6 Grammys?! Hell yeah. You go girls. (check the lyrics to the Make Nice song, they're very interesting.)

WINTER: Oh for shit's sake. It IS February. Yesterday (finally) we East Coasties dealt with cold rain and snow. Today we dealt with a shitload of thick ice. Yeah, yeah, yeah. I did miss work yesterday, but for what it's worth, I was trying to come in. It just didn't work. The plows hadn't quite made it back my road by the end of the two hours it took Obbie and I to shovel and chip our cars free. To those poor, poor folks on the Jet Blue plane that sat for seven hours. And who are grabbing desperately at their fifteen minutes of fame...TOUGH SHIT. IT'S FEBRUARY, LOSERS. The airline apologized profusely, refunded your money AND gave you a free plane ticket. What more do you want? Jeezus, get over yourselves. And who is their right mind takes a baby to Cancun? Going to Cancun is about drinking and fucking yourselves stupid in a tropical paradise. Why would you take a kid? Dumbasses. You deserve to sit in a plane for seven hours with babies.

CRAFT SHOWS: Holy shit! We're registered and paid for three already this year. Yeaah! Maybe I'll actually get off my lazy ass and make some stuff to sell. Obbie and I went on a marketing research trip to a show in Frederick, MD on Sunday. $6.00 to get in. 6 buildings full of craps, er sorry, crafts.

What a bunch of bullshit these people are trying to pass off as handcrafted. Shame, shame, shame...In my never to be humble opinion, my stuff is so much better and more creative.

Super Bowl: I thought it was a great game. The food was awesome too. Sorry about the Bears, Bear.

And for now, thats all I have. I'm trying to get back into the schwing of posting more often. I have kind of lost track of how much I liked blogging...and the ranting, raving and venting that goes with.


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