Tuesday, February 20, 2007

Oh My

I quit trying to chemically alter my conciousness years ago. There are many reasons why I stopped. First and foremost, it quit being fun. And if you know me, I'm all about the fun. Further down the list is the fact that this world is just so fucked up anymore, that I feel like I'm tripping. Seriously. So much weirdness, that I can't make any of it up, nor would I be able to deal with it if I was 'on drugs'.


I-78, I-81, and I-80. The most traveled public roads in Pennsyvania were closed down last week. FOR DAYS. Then, the PA Turnpike, which was clear of snow, ice and stalled vehicles, announced that they were waiving all tolls for the day, to free up some of the backlog of traffic that had overtaken Central and Eastern PA. Alas, halfway through the day, a tanker truck overturned, and the resulting clean up closed BOTH lanes of the Turnpike, stranding motorists on both directions for hours. But at least they didn't have to pay to sit.

The whole ANSmith babydaddy debacle. How many more wingnuts will be coming out to claim fathering this poor kid? And just what kind of 'ho was ANSmith if all these mens are coming forth to claim fathering her child? Where's the pizza guy? Will he step up and claim that he donated some sperm during a hot and heavy pizza delivery? That, I do not want to know. Eeeek.

Brittany Spears. Who gives a hairy rats ass if she got tattooed and shaved her head? And why would this be considered news? Just shoot the bitch with a tranquilzer dart and take her to rehab for a month or so. Let her get over herself and move along. I hardly see where her non-panty wearing, head shaving, tattoo getting exploits would be on nation news, world news, and even local news. I guess they ran out of people screaming at the snowplows or hurling verbal death threats at local government officials because their streets aren't plowed.

Cell Phones. I can use my phone for phone calls and text messages. Why do I need one to download and play music, take pictures, shoot videos and manage my life? I don't get it. And who are these people who keep calling my phone and not leaving messages? Why do I have a voicemail?

Hey ass, if you're calling my phone, LEAVE A FRICKIN' MESSAGE!!

And then there's this gem: http://www.baynews9.com/content/36/2007/2/19/225001.html (Don't mind me, I'm too lazy to set up a proper linky)

I'm sure there are more examples, but Obbie just called me and boggled my mind with some governmental doublespeak. Oy. My head hurts now.


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