Wednesday, February 21, 2007

Night Moves

Not so much moving, as stalking. I've got the high bid on something on eBay, and I have to keep an eye on it for the next 16 minutes so someone dosen't snipe it. Because I want them. Anymore, thats about the only thing I get online in the evenings for. So I'm multi-tasking now.

Nothing extraordinary happened today. Actually, all things considered, it was a pretty good day. I'm trying to be positive, because as I read over the blog of late, I'm awfully surly, and complain more than usual. But after all, it is winter. Not my most favorite time of year.

13 minutes.

On the way home tonight I stopped by the Giant to get some tilapia. I'm not a big fish eater, but tilapia is sufferable. No bones, and no skin, and it's not very fishy tasting. Works for me. And it's on sale. One would think it'd be easy to swing in, pick up some fillets and get home.

Ha. Silly humans.

The fish part was easy enough. The kid behind the counter could actually communicate without saying "Um or dude" which is always a plus. And he knew what he was talking about. After joking around about the fish, and how he picked two nice half pound each fillets, he mentioned that since it was on sale, and not previously frozen, one could purchase the bonus pack, and have enough to freeze.

11 minutes.

That appealed to me greatly, since I don't keep fish around (except canned tuna or tuner as it's called here sometimes) and Obbie isn't adverse to wrapping fish for the freezer.

9 minutes.

The fish kid noticed that the bonus pack was mismarked, so he put a sticker for an extra buck off the price on the package for me. Cool. This made me happy, so I larked up to the self checkout, smug in my tilapia shopping savvy.

7 minutes.

Smugness will get me nowhere, and by now, you'd think I'd realize that. But no. After I did all the proper checkout things, the machine asked if I had any coupons. So I hit "Yes" and I scanned the coupon. "Please give coupon to cashier" (Uh-oh) So I did. She examined it, and gave me The Look. "Where did you get this?" She demanded. "From the fish guy. Three minutes ago! Here, see!" and I held up the big tilapia package. "Oh." and she scanned it in. The screen at my register rang up -.29 - twice. "Hey" I said. "It's ringing up at 29 cents off" The brainiac sloth looked down her nose at me, rolled her eyes and said, "Tck. I doubled it." "Yes, you did double it, but it's a DOLLAR OFF COUPON." She rolled her eyes again, and punched some numbers into her register. This time 50 cents came off my total. "There" she said. "Fine. Whatever. THANK YOU" and I stomped out of the store.

2 minutes.

See, this is the kind of stoopid shit I am confronted with daily. DAILY. Why? I can't imagine there are that many assholes, idiots and morons out in the working world. Amazing. Simply amazing. I have to stop shopping at that Giant or something.

Cool. I won the item. Hah. Snipe this, bitches.

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