Saturday, February 17, 2007

In All The Hoopla I Musta Forgot

In the comments, the wonderful Mama K Bear asked about my Valentines Day. My Valentines Day was basically just another day. That was the day of THE BIG SNOW. Actually, it was a little snow, but a whole lot of sleet and then several hours worth of freezing rain. The snow only amounted to a couple of inches, but the freezing rain was what fucked up the universe. Or just Eastern Pennsylvania. Obbie and I spent a romantic morning shoving 6 inches of snow and 3 inches of ice off the cars and the driveway. We started at 6:30 in the morning, so we could go to work. At 8:30, we were finished and came in. We were very surprised to note that it was 8:30, I called my work to see what was going on, and the man who answered the phone said only one person had come in. That pretty well fixed me on even trying to get out onto the as yet unplowed road. Obbie's boss called and reported that the State had closed their offices. YEAH! SNOW DAY! With that, we had a little breakfast (peanut butter quesedillas don't work, take my word for it) and headed to the couch for naps. Chipping ice and shoveling snow take it out of you!

After naps, we read a little, I worked on some jewelry and baked a whole bunch of mini-cupcakes and mini bundt cakes. This kept me entertained until it was time for dinner. Porterhouse steaks, ceasar salads, baked potatoes and wine. All in all very tasty. Obbie can broil my steak anytime (heh, heh) We then split one of the mini-bundt cakes and had another cocktail, and that was that.

No cards, no flowers, no candy. Which really suits us fine, I think. We'll have flowers and candy some other time.

For such a small amount of snow, this storm has really fucked up Eastern PA. All the major highways were closed for awhile, and as we speak, three of them are STILL closed. I-78 was closed for three days, with over 1000 cars stuck on a 30 mile stretch. Imagine being stuck in your car for three days? Fuck dat noise. The PA Turnpike was closed yesterday, and last night around 8:00 Obbie and I went out, and past the 'pike. As far as we could see, in both directions, there was NOTHING but brake lights. Ow. We will be paying 36 bucks for a carton of orange juice soon.

So that's been the last couple days. My mother frantically called me stating that I HAVE to make sure I go out with my cell phone on my person, so if I fall again, I can call for help. I don't have the heart to tell her the reception is pretty shitty unless you're laying on the picnic table with the phone facing East......

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