Friday, January 12, 2007

Snot V2.0

As I post this, the sound of Obbie hacking is echoing thru the vents. Lovely. Another week, another cold. I'll be so happy when his health insurance kicks in and he can go get proper meds for his sinuses. I guess they're draining, which is leading to the coughing and hacking and hawking THIS time around.

Get away from me. I don't care if it's 'just' his sinuses draining, I don't want any of it. I have to sleep next to it, eat with it, watch TV with it. Hack, hack, snort, snort, gargle, gargle. Eew. Yeah, just call me The Queen of Sympathy. Thats me. And now the Queen's morning routine is being mightily disturbed, as the King of Sinuses has now descended from the Vector Chambers and taking in some breakfast and television. At 5:30 am. MY TIME. Siiigh. I guess it's just too damn much to ask to have some time alone sometimes. (Remind me again why I get up at 5:00?) Ah, the joys of togetherness.

I think I'm done bitching about that now. I should be happy. It's Friday. It's a three day weekend for some people (Obbie for one) but not me. But thats okay, I suppose. Hopefully this weekend, I can get over to Bass Pro and spend my gift card. There is also a crafters convention in Annapolis, but the King of Phlegm dosen't know if we want to go because of his cold. Crafter's Convention sounds positively unholy, though. It's rather pricey for something thats only seminars and displays to be inform and educate crafters on being better business people. It'd be a good thing to attend, but really what I need to be stimulated creatively. Right now I feel creatively constipated (heh, dosen't THAT conjure up some good mental images?) and can't make anything.

I recently started subscribing to Lapiday Journal. The first issue came last night, and I am rather disappointed. What a piece of crap. That magazine used to be so cool, with all kinds of real, usable information on rocks and gems. How to cut them, where to mine them, that kind of thing. Written by and for old rockhounds. Apparently, recently it was bought by one of the bead/art jewelry magazine companies, and it's just an art jewelry magazine masquerading as Lapidary Journal. Very disappointing. I'll give it another issue, and decide then if I'm keeping the subscription.

Anyway, the weekend plans are very 'unplanned' at this juncture. There will be football watching at some point, (Saturday afternoon at least) to see if the Eagles can continue their choking ways in the playoffs. (I told you before, they're not my first pick in football, but those damn Steelers....)

With that I'll be leaving you. Phlegm King has gone upstairs to shower. So a kind of peace has descended upon my downstairs for the time being. It's short lived however, as I'm next in the shower so as not to be late to work. I hate being late.

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