Friday, January 05, 2007

I'm Just Sayin

If you're perusing the personals, just because you're bored, don't be surprised at what you might find. Oh, and I've already decided that if Obbie and I part company, I'm not going back out there. I will become the crazy cat lady.......with a frequent buyer card at the adult toy store. Or something like that.

The seed catalogues are coming in thick and fast now. There are a half dozen waiting for my attention. I love seed catalogues, but I usually just buy the same things every year: Lettuce, tomatoes, hot peppers and morning glories. And don't forget the year I bought a half ounce each of three varities of basil seeds. I was going to sell basil plants. I don't think I actually sold any, but it was a good idea. Or so I thought.

I've searched to the end of eBay. As God as my witness, I can't find anything I want to buy. Now thats just sad. eBay has been such a great amount of fun for lo, these many years. I can't believe I can't find anything I want or need. I've suggested to Obbie that we go to auction on Saturday, to see if theres anything there I cannot live without. The last auction I attended at this particular auction house was a crapfest deluxe (with cheese) but hope spring eternal. One never knows. Besides, it's not like we have to sit all day for anything there. Go in early and do the preview thing, then leave if there's nothing to tickle my fancy.

This weekend is supposed to be quite balmy, so I think it'd be great fun to get outside and run around a little too. My 12 miles of walking a week is somewhat short right now (6 down, 6 more to go, I skipped Monday) The 12 miles is a thing that I read somewhere online. 12 miles a week from now until Valentines Day. I forget the significance of V-day as a goal. But I've been using these insane walking at home DVDs to get in a two miler every morning. I have a DVD of a three miler, but I have been sleeping in lately, and I don't want to cut into my singing in the shower time to do a three mile walk with Miss Perky and her band of Perkettes first thing in the AM. Two miles is just fine. Obbie has expressed the walking DVDs as dumb, but in my never to be humble opinion, whats the difference between walking 2-3 miles with a DVD or walking/running 2-3 miles on a treadmill? He feels one needs to be outside to exercise. Thats all well and fine, and I'm totally in agreement, however, the road past the ranch has narrow shoulders, and the grain trucks, construction vehicles, errant big trucks and soccer moms in urban assault vehicles tend to exceed (greatly) the 40mph speed limit. I want to wear smaller jeans and be more fit, not in traction, thank you.

Holy shit. I just realized it's Friday. COOL!

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