Friday, December 29, 2006

The Natural Progression

The natural progression continues. The Christmas catalogues are being replaced by seed catalogues. Fine by me.

I start out reading them all from cover to cover. Then I get my legal pad out and start writing down what I want. After recovering from the horrendous amount of money I've 'spent'. I go back through the list again. Repeating until it's three days from the ordering deadline, whereupon I panic and buy half of what I wanted. One catalogue is particular fascinates me. Fedco Seeds. Black and white on newsprint, no glossy pages, no pretty, shiny pictures. Old woodcut prints. They have the largest selection of organic seeds and unusual stuff I've ever seen. And the prices are very inexpensive. I just enjoy reading that one. But in the end, I usually buy from them out of guilt, because I know their seeds are 'pure' not fiddled with by some chemical company. The shipping is fast too. I have many months of garden fantasizing before Spring. Which is a good thing and a bad thing. I have piles of seed packets of things I bought to plant and never did. "Maybe they'll be good next spring" I always say. There's always another chance.

Which is the whole jist of todays blog. This year has been okay. There has been some fun, and there has been some major league crap. I've learned to duck and I've learned when to shut up. This year has been somewhat transitional, and I have a feeling next year will be too. This should be interesting.

Stay tuned.

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