Friday, December 15, 2006


I had such a great post made about the week's events, but when I tried to add a picture, Blogger (or my computer) froze. Dammit. I also updated my links, I hope THAT took, or I'm going to be really annoyed.

Anyway, long story short, the furnace got cleaned and checked this week, and the guy discovered the chimney pipe was rusted thru and had been spewing carbon monoxide into the basement and up into the house for a month or so. Lovely. At least we didn't die. It's fixed now. But since I'm so good at it, I just keep fucking with my own head, playing that old favorite, "What If?" Moms won't know about this, so I'm standing in for her in the "What If? department".

It's cookie time, and I'm still baking. Thats okay, because aside from the earlier mentioned difficulities, it hasn't been so hateful.

See: Progress!!!

Soft sugar cookies at the top, then peanut butter blossoms, chocolate oatmeal bars, white chocolate-cranberry biscotti and chocolate crinkles. Sugar cookie rejects on the plate above. There are two or three more kinds to make, and I might try my hand at home made marshmallows. Just because it sounds like fun. Who wouldn't want to play with 240 degree sugar??

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