Saturday, November 11, 2006

Saturday In The Dark

Eggnog is out in stores now. That surely means the holiday season is soon upon us. I love me some eggnog. But given it's total fat content, I might as well just duct tape slabs of Crisco to my thighs. I do allow myself a small container of it. For my coffee. I do take one big drink from it (direct from the bottle, of course) and that taste transports me back to when I was a kid. The day after Christmas, cold turkey sandwiches and eggnog. Funny.

Obbie is out doing the laundry this early AM. The dryer still hasn't been fixed (I'm getting around to it, really I am) and I'm just passing the time surfing around reading blogs. Most of them are people I used to read daily, but got away from. Now I read them from time to time here at home in the wee hours of the morning. Some are great, and I truly enjoy seeing what they've been up to. Others, well, not so much. One in particular irks the shit out of me. She's always crying poor mouth, and how her life is sooo miserable, and how she's sooo stressed, and how she never has enough money for this or that. Puh-leeze. She alternates between the poor mouth routine, and how she's so stressed and depressed. No, she's not on my links, either. (Peeps on my links are there because I love reading them, even though SOME DON'T UPDATE OR BLOG ANYMORE. Ahem.) I hear you saying, "So why do you read the poor mouthing whiner?" I don't have an answer for that. She's on my bookmarked blogs list. So is the lady who is in a long distance relationship, although when it started she was still married. And the building drama, anticipation, etc. Again, irking me to no end, but I still tune in. Even though it's a lot less frequently than before. She REALLY irritates me. I don't know why I read these people who annoy me. I just do. But for the record, it's not every day.

As far as the rest of the day goes, I have no idea whats on the agenda. We WERE going to Philadelphia, but that plan isn't looking too promising. (grumble, grumble) I guess I've got to start the first round of dejunking the downstairs. I suppose I'm hosting Thanksgiving again, and my dining room is the dump zone. Making the clutter go away will only take an afternoon. It's the dusting and other general cleaning that will take forever. Less time if I'd just do it and quit bitching about it, right?

I made lasagne last night using the no boil lasagne noodles. I can't say I'm overly impressed. They're noodles. It's novel to just lay them in the pan and cover with sauce. But I never thought boiling lasagne noodles was a particularly trying process to begin with. The end result was really good, and I forgot that one recipe of lasagne is an awful lot. We'll be having it for DAYS. Good thing we like it.

Off to start the day!

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