Saturday, November 25, 2006

Post Mortum, Maxx Update & Black Friday

I've been off work for three whole days. Two days and a morning, technically. I've been a lazy, lazy girl. Spending the days beading and eating Trader Joe's Chicken Potstickers. (Yum good!) I've almost finished the beaded Christmas ornament for Obbie's work. It was almost finished yesterday, but for some odd reason the beadwork didn't fit around the glass ball. So I ripped it apart and started again. Only to find that this version dosen't fit either. What does one do it that case? Certainly NOT rip it apart again. Add more beads, dear. Add more beads.

Maxx is getting over his horror. He wouldn't even look at me Thanksgiving day, and yesterday, if he could have spit on me, he would have. Today it's dawned on him that I'm still the one who knows how to open the cat food cans, and perhaps I'm not so evil after all. I'm just not allowed to pet him. Okay. Thats fine. At least he's not looking at me like I eat kittens.

Thanksgiving was okay. I've decided that I'm a control freak, and that I'm better off cooking and hosting Thanksgiving at my house. Apparently I was quite free with the unsolicted advice to Mom, and she got a tad snappy about it. Dinner was good without my snarking about it. I guess I have to grow the filter off the clock too.

I do not participate in Black Friday. That kind of lemming like consumerism ain't my thing. I like sleeping too much to stand in line, in the cold, at midnight to get 50% off a pair of jeans or a toy. I did go to Michael's crafts yesterday, and I did happen to have a 25% off coupon. And I did buy a present for someone. But I did also buy beads and chocolate melts. The beads are for more Christmas ornaments, and the chocolate melts are for the candy I'm making for gifts. And I just rolled in and rolled out. So there. Oh, and it was a freeeeaking madhouse! Pushy shovy, ladies with carts piled high with stuff, bored guys acting as package sherpas, screaming kids. Oh it was glorious. Tis the season, right? Bah friggin' humbug. Aside from stocking stuffers and last minute stuff, all the gifts I'm buying are coming off the internet. God invented internet shopping for a reason, and I intend to take full advantage. I'll make myself nuts in other ways over the holidays...Cookies, candy and beaded gifts.

On that note, I'm off to make a double layer key lime pie. I know, Key Lime pie isn't very seasonal. We bought Key Limes at Trader Joes, and I'd hate to waste them. Anyway, when ISN'T Key Lime pie good?

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