Thursday, November 09, 2006

Modern Alchemy

But it'd probably be more profitable if I could turn straw into gold!!


And after (still cooling on the firebrick) The one
in the center is melted. Yes, melted. Another thing
I've learned is the torch should be kept 6 inches away
from the clay. Hence the melting. Also, each tag
was inscribed with something. The letters melted.
That part was pretty cool. I watched as the clay
turned into silver and went all molten, and filled in
the areas where I carved the words into the clay.
Cool. Fire is good.

Yes, it really is silver:

I stll have half the package of clay left. I'm going to
make a couple other test subjects, then I'm buying
more clay and going for it. I am by no means an
expert, but I know more than I did a week ago.

Stay tuned. It's the only thing thats really going on here right now. Except I'm finally massing the excess 'stuff' to put on eBay. It's time now. Bring in some extra cash and get the stuff OUT of my house. Win win baby.

Speaking of winning. Heh. Guess ole Skanktorum is going to be a consultant now. Hope it's not for the League of Women Voters.

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