Thursday, November 02, 2006

And then what happened?

Long time, no bloggy, eh? Sorry about that. Lately there is very little to share with you'uns. The car crisis is soooo last week, and the pre-Thanksgiving madness hasn't quite started yet. I don't have any children, so I cannot fall back onto a cute kid story (or one about puke, poop or parent-teacher conferences) Nor do I have an amazingly photogenic dog like Dooce's, and frankly, there is only so much cat blogging a girl can do before people start to talk.

I have, however, entered into another realm of jewelry making. There is this stuff called Precious Metal Clay (or PMC) It's clay that is infused with silver dust. You make what you want with the clay, then take a torch to it (or fire it if you've got a kiln) and the clay goes away, and you're left with silver. Cool huh? We'll see about that. I've seen some online, and people have done amazing things with it. That means I'll fuck it up horribly, and end up with a 27 dollar wad of silver. (20 grams was 27 dollars. I don't have clue one what 20 grams of silver clay looks like, but I'm betting it ain't much) Stay tuned. I'm assuming it'll come in the mail this weekend. The process might actually be blogworthy. Ooh! Torches and flames and silver oh my. (Anytime you can combine fire with making jewelry, it can't possibly be all bad.)

There was a craft show on Saturday. I emailed the nice lady last week and she told me there were spaces available. I sent in my check, and last night the nice lady told my answering machine that there were NO spaces available, and she'd put me on a waiting list. I'd be notified Friday if a spot became available.

I don't wait for craft show spaces. Period. And I don't appreciate being yanked around in the first place for a 10 x 6 space by a bunch of clipboard carrying, power drunk soccer moms. But I didn't say that. In my new and improved, filtered, santized for my protection mindset**, I emailed her and thanked her for the phone call, but explained that another opportunity had come along, and I would prefer to take full advantage of that, instead of being on a waiting list, and to please return my check. She wrote me back and thanked me, and assured me the check would be returned. So that goes back in the account, and I'll write a check to the cable company so they don't cut off my service....

Stay tuned for Tales of the Torch!

**This has been a new thing for me. I usually just say what I'm thinking, this has landed me in some uncomfortable spots on more than one occasion. It dosen't hurt (much) to not say exactly whats in my head ALL THE TIME.

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