Monday, October 02, 2006


Wow. Great weekend! Saturday was the best show we've done all year. The second one we've done this year, but hey. You rejoin in the small victories. (Because sometimes, they're the only victories, am I right?!!)

We were given what I though was a crappy spot. I wanted the one we had last year, and indicated as such on the application. No dice. I was pissed at first, but after we made back the booth fee in the first hour of the show, I quit grumbling. This time it rained. But lots of people braved the rain and had a really good time. Luckily, Obbie insisted we bring the pop up tent. Good call, and henceforth, it'll be in the car/truck for any outdoor craft show. It was also pretty dang chilly, and being that I had the tail end of a cold anyway, I'm surprised I'm not sicker. But I'm not. I felt better yesterday than I did all of last week. This week I must get to working on stuff for the show in two weeks.

We went to DC afterwards for the Crafty Bastards art show on Sunday. The hotel was decent, and there was a passably good Italian restaurant next door. Which is good, because the prospect of hailing a cab, traveling, standing in line to eat, eating,
and traveling back to the hotel made my head hurt. We were snug in our bed by 11:30, and Obbie snoring furiously by 11:45. Life in the fast lane, eh?

Sunday was fine. My good parking Karma was in high gear and we got a parking place one block from the event. Love THAT in the big city. We 'did' the Crafty Bastards show, ate some great vegan pastries, bought some beads (a snack size sandwich bag for 3 bucks, please! Lot's o'beads there) and met a lady whom I talk with on the bead forum. Always nice to place a name with a face.

After the show, we had hours to kill before we were due back at Mom's for Sunday dinner, so we went to the zoo. Note to zoo in the am/noon hour. All you see is animal's backsides. They were all eating, so we just saw butts. But truth be told, there weren't many big animals. One giraffe (he was cool) a couple elephants, a hippo, and a bunch of monkeys. Yes, we saw the pandas, but one was up a tree and the other was wedged back in the corner of their Panda Habitat. Also, it was rather crowded for noon on Sunday. We skipped the big cat exhibit, because we thought it'd be depressing.

After zoo-ing, we went to Mom's for Sunday dinner. She told me that a woman stopped her in the grocery store and told her how wonderful my jewelry was, and that she had bought something from me, and loooved it. Oh! Praise! Be still my heart, I'm not sure how to act! It's nice to hear that my stuff pleases other people too. Speaking of, I'll be expanding the other blog, so if you need Christmas gift ideas, stop over there in the next couple weeks. Custom orders happily accepted. (Be prepared, though, you'll get an email with 20 questions about what you want, it's part of the fun) I have lots of semi-precious gemstone beads (agates, jaspers, carnelian, lapis, etc) and can create almost anything you'd like. Plus chain maille bracelets. (I talked at length with a CM artist yesterday, and she blew me away, what amazing stuff. She inspired me so much!)

And just like that, we were back to reality. Mad cats grumbling and stomping around. Bills in the mail, laundry in the hampers. Meh. I guess you can only tweak your world for so long before reality sets back in! Thats okay. Sometimes to embrace the groove, you have to get out of it once in awhile.

Have a ducky Monday!

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