Friday, October 06, 2006


And here we are, back to Randumb again.

I might go back to the 'blog lite' schedule next week. It all depends on how much stuff I get accomplished over the weekend. My habit is to blog in the morning, after I'm up to feed the heathens. When I'm obsessed with beads, I bead in the mornings. We'll see.

Breakfast cereal. Love it. Almost any kind too. Captain Crunch is good, but anymore it's too sweet, and it cuts up the roof of my mouth. I just had a bowl of cranberry nut raisin crunch extravaganaza. With flakes. It was pretty good. But my all time fav is shredded wheat. Yep. Plain ole shredded wheat. Of course I embellish it a little. Brown sugar is very good on it. Or some sugar free cocoa mix. Yeah, "eeew" yourself!

I don't claim that this blog is one of the more cerebral blogs in the blogosphere. But kids, there are some seriously stupid mudderflockers out there who have no business writing about their daily lives. But I check in almost daily to see if they've improved. (none of you regulars, these are peeps I picked up from my days of endless blog reading daily) I can't help it.

Maybe some autumn camping this weekend. I don't know yet. It's chilly and rainy right now. I don't think we want to camp in the chilly and rainy. I should stay home and clean this miserable house and play with beads.

I hit the snooze twice (to the dismay of the heathens) I dreamed that I was at Dunder Mifflin (The Office TV show for those who don't know) for their Christmas party. Too funny. I was hanging out with Pam and Jim and laughing at Dwight. Of course I watched it last night. It's the Thursday night line up: My Name is Earl, The Office, and CSI. Then it's bedtime. The only night of the week that I have a total line up of TV. Except for Dead Like Me Tuesday, but they go off at 9:00. And I think that show is almost over. It only ran for two seasons I think.

The mums are out at every store and outdoor shop in the area. Mums are pretty but they piss me off. In my pointy little head, if you plant them, they should come back the next year. But I've never had a mum come back. I should do something to my yard. It looks like gypsies live here. Dead plants from summer are on the porch, and the garden is a shambles (but there are still peppers and tomatoes ripening, thank you)

It's Breast Cancer awareness time again. And you know what that means. Blogger Boobiethon! Thats right. But you won't see mine on here. Maybe on the Boobiethon website, but not here. Pay the money if you're that interested in looking at boobs. It's for a good cause.

John Mark Karr is free? Whatta piece of crap he is. I hope that he has to pay for his flight from Thailand to here. And his champagne. What a sick twisted little freak he is. me the shivers just thinking about him. Pasty little scumbag pedophile. Yuck.

And speaking of scumbags, I've been reading the transcripts to Chickenhawk Foley's IM's. Eew. What a pig he is. And being all indignant 'about saving the children from internet predators'. Heh. And now he was molested. And now he's in alcohol rehab. Oh please. Isn't THAT handy?

And finally, the Amish shooting story is off the front pages of Yahoo. It was on the local news last night, and I got all teary eyed. They had the funerals for their daughters yesterday. It's just too sad. But they've forgiven the killer. We all should take a page from the Amish. Forgiveness is not just a word. It's an action.

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