Saturday, October 28, 2006

Greetings you patient people. All 20 of you who visit daily for whatever reason. At last I'm finally updating.

This week has been particularly hellish. Obbies truck decided to eat it's transmission on Tuesday, and I've been taking him to work in the AM. Work is 30 miles from home, with legendary traffic suckage, so I've been forced to leave the house an hour earlier than normal.

Which dosen't make Amy a happy girl. Surly to bed and surly to rise these days it seemed. Actually all week I felt I was either driving, working or spending money I don't have.

Obbie's ride home at night was just as annoying. Bus roulette we've come to call it. He gets the bus from work to the big city easily enough, but the 9 miles from the big city to my office is sort of a chore. There are several busses to choose from, but apparently either the drivers don't feel like driving that route sometimes or the schedule is messed up. 3 times, 3 busses, 3 misses. Twice the bus didn't come at all, and once the bus came at another transfer station.

Again, makes me not pleased. Those kind of shenanigans get me home an hour later at night.

I don't blame Obbie, though. Shit seems to happen to him.

Anyway, the car thing came to a head yesterday. He had the day off, and was limping the truck to the shop to see what could be done for the transmission. It stopped. Wouldn't go. DOA. He called a friend, and she picked him up and took him home. In the meanwhile, he calls the dealer (a big name around here) to check his options. They were very happy that he'd come back to them, and sent out a salesman to pick him up. They went over some options, and lent him a loaner while they looked at his truck. Upon returning to the shop, they informed him that indeed, the transmission was quite dead. And let us show you what we can finance for you.

The options were very limited, and he ended up with a 2004 Saturn Ion with 21,000 miles and a four year factory warranty from Saturn. Cool, said I. It is a nice little car. All black, so of course I've named it Roach.

Alas, he didn't tell me the rest of the story. I guess so he wouldn't have me bitching at work. (either that or omission isn't really lying....) He still owns the transmissionless Explorer, and now has to make payments on that and the Saturn, as well as insurance on both. Ahhh. It'll be a couple thousand bucks to get a tranny put in the Explorer, and he owes a couple grand on it too. Hmmmm. I suggested putting the Explorer on eBay as it is now. Maybe he'd at least get back the money he needs to pay it off. Suggestions anyone?

As for me, I'm just sitting on the couch beading and making chain maille. Trying to stay out of it. Things are bound to get better, I'm being the optimist here. Really they are.....

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