Monday, October 09, 2006

Another Day in the Exciting Life Of...

No bead show this weekend. We stayed mostly around the homestead. Took Moms out to dinner on Saturday night, and grocery shopped at the local 'grocery outlet' Saturday morning. I love that place, it's like a treasure hunt every time we go there. The big score this time was Paul Prudhomme's 'Magic Seasonings for a quarter each. We got four bottles, one of each flavor. We also looked at a house Mom has for sale locally. It's on the top of a hill, and for a plain ole' ranch house, it's pretty cool. But waaaay out of our price range. Oh well. It dosen't cost anything to dream, does it?

Yesterday was spent in the general de-funking of the house. I scrubbed the kitchen floor, hallway, landing and stairs with hot bleach water, and Obbie did the laundry. It was several hours later before I discovered the burn marks on the backs of my hands. I guess wearing rings all the time makes the skin tender, and I took my rings off to scrub the floors. All the tender spots are bleach burned, and it's really gross, not to mention painful. This really sucks, I've never had that happen before.

The front lawn is mowed, and the porch cleaned off. I also cleaned out the Storage Annex Volvo, so I can call someone to come and take it away. I'm sick of looking at it, and I'm sure the township has rules against yard cars.

And thats pretty much it. Oh, we went out to a local saloon on Friday night. Had several beers (that tasted very good) and some food. We justified our evening in the bar by having a Bead Whisperer staff meeting. We set goals for what need accomplished this week before the rilly big shew in Virginia. I'm going off to bead right now.

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