Friday, September 29, 2006

Yeah, I Lied

It's getting to be a habit, it seems. Not lying, but having either no posts, or lame ass posts. What can I say?

I'm just a tad frustrated right now, and need some answers. I've been presented with giant life puzzles, and some pieces fit together really well, but I have to figure out why the others don't fit in so well. It's very frustrating. Stay tuned. If you bear with me, you may be rewarded with decent blogging again. (if there ever was such a thing in the first place)

Oooh...but I have some randumbs for you (since it's randumb Friday after all)

#1 - On my way into work, I pass kids walking to school. Most of whom are bent over by the giant backpacks, or dragging along some wheeled suitcase contraption. Exactly what kind of homework do third graders have that require luggage?

#2- The Who are coming to the BIG LOCAL MUSIC VENUE. They have the nerve to ask $60 to $140 bucks for tickets. Are you shitting me? I really wanted to see them, but thats just a tad steep. I've calmed down considerably since I read the ad. I was ranting and raving.

#3- I used to read a lot of blogs. But not so much any more. I have a core group that I've read since the beginning, but even a lot of them don't blog anymore. It certainly dosen't seem as fun as it used to be out here.

#6- Ew. I have a cold. No wonder I was testier (more testy?) than usual this week. I feel like shit,and have felt like shit all week. Now I'm left with a stuffy nose. The sneezing, most of the sore throat, and general crappiness has left. But I'm beat. And have so much stuff to do before tomorrow.

#7- Didja see CSI last night? Whhoooooo.....!! Didn't see that comin' didja? HA!

And thats all I seem to have. Take care, and come back now, y'hear?

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