Wednesday, September 20, 2006

Whoo Hooo.....We're halfway there....whoooo

I'm still easily amused, can't you tell? When Wednesday is the high point of my week thus far, it's time to get a real life.

I did no projects last night. Dead Like Me was on (and I missed most of the first one because I was brain dead - again. Or is it still?) But I did fiddle around with some rings, but nothing really came of it.

This is for Kid (The scan isn't that great):

The top one is my first attempt at something called Euro 4 in 1. At least I think thats what it is. It's copper in the middle and bright aluminum around it. It's not laying right on the scanner, which accounts for that little joggle towards the right end. Euro 4 in 1 is a basic 'stitch' and can be used to make clothing. It also makes some amazing jewelry.

The lower piece is made from bright aluminum as wellk, and is my first attempt at Byzantine. It too is weird on the scanner, but you can see the pattern in the chain. Byz is harder to make, which figures since I learned it before I learned Euro 4 in 1. It also makes for some impressive jewelry.

Bright aluminum is good to work with if you're just starting out, because it's CHEAP, and really light. After I get more confident, I'm getting some sterling silver rings and making REAL jewelry.

I made the Byz anklet from a kit. If you're interested in starting to learn about chain maille, email me, and I can direct you to someone who puts together nice beginner kits. The only tools you need are two pair of needle nose (Chain nose) pliers. Or you can just buy something from me, if you're not into kits. This tends to be a little addicting. Like beading. At least for me. Wish there was a way I could make a living from it, and still love it. Eh. I like it being a side business. At least for now.

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