Thursday, September 28, 2006


There's very little blog worthy as of late. My laptop at home is acting all constipated and running really, really slow, which annoys me to the point of not using it.

You'll be proud of me though, I have a list of randumbs that I'll trot out properly tomorrow.

Dinner yesterday was this Southwestern chicken thing in the crockpot. It'll be better the next time I make it. Spicy yet bland. Black beans, onions and tomatoes along with chicken are about the only thing in it. I need to tweak the recipe a little bit. I'm trying to eat it for lunch today, but it's not pleasing me, I might have to pop some popcorn. Niiice...nutritious! It IS! 96% fat free. So there. Manders, for lots of recipes go to, they have TONS of 'em. Thats where a lot of mine come from.

And no, I haven't made any new jewelry for the show, thanks for asking. Oh. I lied. Two pair of earrings...oooohhh....aaaah....I did start messing with some purple chain maille rings this morning. But alas, I had to get ready for work. After I was ready, I went back to inspect it and I couldn't find what I made. I looked all over the place, and finally said, "Okay! Give it back! I'm not going to work until I see those links!" and about 3 minutes later, I found them, where I had looked earlier. The house ghost was playing games. It wasn't the time for them today. I was already late, and just got later because I wanted to find them. Oh well.

And here ends another installment of life in the fast lane!!

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