Friday, September 01, 2006

Rapid Randumb Friday

I was very lazy this morning, and didn't start Randumb, I fed the cats and went back to bed. Since it's lunchtime, I guess I can post from wwwwwwwk. So it's gonna be a quicky:

Birthday- Tanks everyone for the birthday wishes. We celebrated last night too, with a fine dining experience that included mussels, clams, shrimp, calamari, and a bottle of wine. Good stuff. If ever you come to Harrisburg, I'll take you out to this place to impress you. The bread is FABULOUS.

Ernesto is coming! Eek! Shriek! Lots of rain! Panic! Panic! Good Christ, I went to the grocery store at lunch today. EVERYONE was there. It was a madhouse! Just like when snow is coming. I was happy to get out alive with my soup and salad. I guess everyone thinks that we're getting ten inches of rain here or something. "But it was yellow on the weather radar" Damn weather radars, Doppler (Floppler) and the weather channel anyway. Even though Jim Cantore is the hottest weather guy evah.

I'm supposed to start packing for the beach. But I'm not leaving until Monday. Puh-leeze. PLENTY of time...Obbie's a sweetie, he did all the laundry yesterday. ALL of it. What a guy!

So how long will John Mark Carr last in the joint? He wasn't looking nearly as smug in his orange jumpsuit and pretty handcuffs. I hear they love child molesters in the can.

Is a recession coming? What do you think? I'm scared to death to call the oil company. Last I checked a gallon of fuel oil was 2.63. Multiply that by the 275 gallons my tank is...Yeah, thats a little scary. Not to mention everything being just a little bit more at the grocery store. I'm glad Mom knows people with beef cattle. We get a good price on beef for the year. Thank God, because the T-bones we had for dinner last night go for about 8.99+ a pound. I'd hate to go back to Ramen Noodles.

See? It's a quickie. Gotta go, it's 1:00!


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