Friday, September 22, 2006

Randumb End of the Summer Friday

And I probably say it every year but, Where did the summer go? I hate winter. Hate the cold, hate the short, gray days, hate the fuel oil bills, hate snow, hate the brown dead grass and the skeleton like trees. I don't hate Fall, but I dislike it due to it being winters preamble. The tradeoff to long summer evenings, the nice juicy humidity and lightening bugs, is getting the old heavy quilts from storage and getting to snuggle with Honey under them. Also the Foreman Grill goes into the pantry, and is replaced by the crockpot. (The big grill never goes away, we grill in the snow, baby!) I like the clothes of fall and winter too. The colors and textures. Plus the new line of boots come out, and we all know about my boot 'thing'. So I'll live, I suppose.


So Bush is the devil, eh? Putz is more like it. But Chavez seems as though his cheese has slid off his cracker a little bit.


Oh, my promised political rant from last week? The Supreme Court in PA has voted themselves a pay raise (remember the big flap about the legislators' pay raise? Same deal, EXCEPT, the legislators get no pay raise, but the judges in PA do. Sneaky bastards. Oh well, it's business as usual. The fat cats get fatter, the middle class is disappearing, and the poor people get poorer. At least fuel oil has dropped a little price wise, so I only will have to spend HALF a paycheck to get the tank filled this month. I've calmed down about the pay raise a little bit. But it's still shitty. It's not like any 'regular' people are getting a 15,000 dollar raise this year.


Fashion comment: NOBODY who weighs more than 120 pounds should EVER wear low rise jeans. And yet, low rise jeans are the majority of whats for sale out there. Obviously the designers haven't been in the grocery store behind some wide load wearing low cut jeans. It ain't pretty. Get a mirror, people.


You don't know how happy I'll be at five o'clock today. I suspect it may take a long time to get there today, but still. Wednesday was the worst. It's allllllll better now.


The diet was going pretty good. Til I went on vacation. At least this week I got kind of back on track. It's good to have a schedule. But I need more exercise. That'll be next on the list, I suppose.

With fall brings the 'second season' of camping. Some people think camping stops at Labor Day. I beg to differ. But thats okay, they can stay home. Camping is great in the fall. The days are warm. The nights cool. The campfires are nicer, the campground are less crowded. Oh yeah. It's lovely. We're trying to schedule one last beach visit in before they close in late October. I love it.


Next Saturday is the Townfest at home. I hope we do well, we did last year. It's just fun to go and be in the street and talk to everyone. Pray for no rain. Nothing worse than rain on a street fair.
After that we're heading to DC for the Crafty Bastards show. Just visiting, not showing. It was fun last year, so I'm sure it'll be a blast again. Heeee!! I can't wait!!


Barney's better. Not 100%, but much better. He's been eating the whole time, and using the litter box. He dosen't seem to have anything physical wrong with him (I saw no cuts or anything) but he's not his usual manic perky self. At least he came back upstairs to sleep with us again. I still think that he got into a fight with one of the bigger cats and got his butt kicked. He just seems subdued.

With fall also comes the 'Christmas season' for craft shows. Which means indoor shows. Poke me in the eyes with pointed sticks. I just keep flashing back to the three hellish shows we did last year. One, crammed into a dark little corner of a church rec hall, one in a fire house with some crazy bitch running her mouth for 8 hours (and no customers), and the other, in a township rec hall, set up next to a booth selling SCENTED wax dipped teddy bears. (So wrong) and a bunch of customers who'd rather buy scented wax dipped teddy bears and shop at Wally than buy nice hand crafted items. It was horrific. I don't know if it's a wise business decision or not, but I think I'll opt out of the Christmas shows this year. I'll just sell to people I know online or something. I can't bear the thought of those awful, awful shows.


I certainly hope that was randumb enough for you. I'm going to have to start keeping a list for Randumb Fridays, because during the week, I think "Oh, that'd be good for a Randumb" and it goes away. Yes, a list will be good. Oh, and it's going to be chilly and damp this weekend. What shall I make in the crockpot? Chili was done last week, and pork and saurkraut was done the week before.

Happy Friday!

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