Monday, September 18, 2006

Monday, Already?

That was a fast weekend! The craft show yesterday wasn't terrible. Obbie and I had a pretty good time. We didn't sell LOTS of stuff, but we did okay. Thats all I ask for. At the end, one vendor came up to me and asked how we did. I sweetly replied, "It exceeded my expectations!" She said, "Well thats more than some people can say, nobody I've talked to did good at all." And she huffed away. I guess she had a bad day, I guess nobody wanted any fake plastic pumpkins and straw scarecrows (all bought in bulk off the internet, thanks)

Like I said, we did okay. I sold my depressing January bracelet. After dropping the price to twenty bucks. The woman really liked it, but she didn't think it was worth twenty bucks. "Ma'am, I worked on that bracelet for three weeks. And I guarantee you won't see anyone else with one like that." Finally she did buy it, I was thrilled to see it go, and she said 'Now you can make another one" "No Ma'am", I replied, "Thats one of a kind, I'll never make another exactly like that again." She looked surprised, then smiled really big. I think she got it.

The day started out a little sketchy. We had gotten Chinese food for dinner the night before, and about 2:00 am, Obbie was rather ill. He's not used to grease anymore, and had ordered sweet and sour chicken. Of course, those little chicken pieces are battered and fried to death. He was a sick puppy in the wee hours. He said after he got up and showered later, he was going to be okay, but it was really iffy there for awhile.

After it was all said and done, we were happy and beat yesterday evening. Both of us hit the bed about 9:30 and I heard nothing until 4:50 this morning. Poor Barneycat is feeling punky. He's eating as well as ever, but seems kind of slow going and just not himself. I'm wondering if he got into a fight with one of the other cats or something. He's got until Wednesday to shape up, or he's off to the vet.

Wwwk is going to suck this week. I have a feeling I'll come home and falll down every night. At least it's only a week and not two.

And in two weeks, it's another street fair. Yay. At least after that one, we're going to DC for the rest of the weekend. (Sunday) for a very funky craft fair called Crafty Bastards. We went last year and had a blast, so I'm sure this time will be just as good. CAN'T WAIT!

Happy Monday and all that!

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