Saturday, September 09, 2006

Back to Reality

Whatever the hell reality is. I'm back home now. I'd rather be at the beach, of course, but real life (and paychecks) have to be faced. I did some wash and vacuumed a little today, and of course, took the Saturday afternoon nap on the Coma Couch.

The reality of the upcoming art/crap show season hit me yesterday, as I went through my mail and found two acceptance letters. Oh crap! Gotta bead!! So I napped, did laundry and vacuumed instead. Oh well. All good things in all good time I suppose.

One of Mom's good friends died while we were away, and that has come as a huge blow to her, and a rather shitty way for her to re-enter the 'real world'. So I guess I shouldn't be complaining.

The garden looks like hell, and I need to pick more tomatoes and dig up the 'done' plants. The peppers are still mighty happy, and have produced more flowers. I'm wondering if it'll frost before the peppers get big enough to harvest. We'll see what happens. It'll be a garden experiment.

And so it goes. Monday is going to suck big sweaty balls. I just know it.

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