Wednesday, August 23, 2006

The Time They Are A Changin'

As in, turning the clocks back. (Spring head, fall back, thanks man) It's not for another month or so, but my body has already begun the adjustment period. I was up this morning at the ungodly (even for me) hour of 4:30. Eeehhh...
For the record, it's dark at 4:30, and it's too early to turn on the TV because I'd hate to be pissed off before the sun even rises. So I beaded, fed the cats, and started making some yogurt cheese.
That should be done when I get home from work. Mmmm...yogurt cheese. It's better than it sounds. Think sharp cream cheese. I also got a steak ready for dinner. It'll be stroganoff later.

Anyway, my body seems to start realigning itself with the changing of the clock early on. I suppose I can live with it, but it does tend to be kind of a pain in the ass when I'm visiting people, or am away from home. Stalking around my house in the wee hours of the morning is okay, stalking around other folk's homes in just rude (and unnerving for them)

Labor Day week, I'll be going to the beach with my Mom. You know thats always a good time, even though I bitch and moan about it. After all the hell I've been going through at work, and just the general atmosphere in general, I don't think I'm going to mind doing nothing for four days. Especially at the beach. But I'll still be stuck in the 'up early' time warp. Mom sleeps late (for me) while she's on vacation. She also goes to sleep, in a book, with the light on, early in the evening. I don't sleep well on vacation with her. The bed isn't right, and our timing dosen't work. But enough bitching, a week at the beach is a week at the beach.

The beady project is coming along slooowly. But thats okay, there are three weeks left. I'm more concerned about getting a decent amount of new stuff made for the upcoming shows. (Found and applied for two more yesterday...whooo! Yeah. Whoo.)

In yesterdays subpar offering, I neglected many things that happened over the weekend.

1. Obbie and I went to the old Hometown and played bingo at the town fair. Big fun. No, seriously. We had a good time. It helped that we won 16 bucks between us, and that paid for our big night at the fair. It's always good to see the hometown peeps too. I prepped Obbie in advance about this nasty bitch who hated me in high school. We had gym class together for four long hell filled years. I still twitch when someone says Dodgeball. I knew she would be bingo-ing, along with her scary mom and two scary sisters. Alas, she was solo this trip. Obbie spied her right off the bat. She's REALLY scary now. Nice cigarette hack ya got going there, sista. And the bleached white mile high hair is SO becoming.

2. We spent a lot of time in the car. Which leads to much commentary. I'm not sure how we got there, but we were planning what the menu would be like if one was to put in a restaurant in a church. I don't think we made it past "Eggs Benediction" before coming scary close to peeing our pants. (Oh, and the All you can eat Loaves and Fishes on Fridays) For the rest of the weekend, one of us would start giggling madly, and the other would say, "Eggs Benediction" and we'd both start laughing like idiots.

3. Before we left for the fair on Saturday, we fueled up with an iced coffee. Obbie has joined the ranks of the iced coffee drinkers with a vengence now. Again, I introduced him to something new, not only an iced coffee, but a large iced coffee with double soymilk and two splendas. He's hooked now. But when the mega coffee chain serves it out the window to you, they make it sound so pretentious. "Venti iced with double soymilk and two Splendas" I don't use their silly sizes. Small, medium and large. Period. If it annoys them, all the better.

4. As we were leaving with our coffees, a man walked out in front of us, secure in the knowledge we'd not sully our bumper with the likes of him. He was walking on the balls of his toes, and like he had a stick up his ass. 'Course that led to more commentary, as Obbie said that in the future he needs to leave the butt plug at home.

5. The rock and gem show was rife with much material. Rock people seem to be a pretty intense (read:loony) group. We knew it was time to go when two rock hounds were going to come to blows over the best way to bring out the matrix in a particular specimen. Each felt very strongly about their particular method. Um, sure. Okay....."it's time to go now, honey"

It's time to go now honey.

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