Friday, August 04, 2006

Randumb Friday - The Hotter Than Hades Edition

It's been hot all week. Unmercifully hot. I'm stating the obvious here, I know, but damn. This morning it's 78 degrees at five thirty am. Thats the lowest it's been all week. Yuck. I've gone to Target twice, Petsmart, Walmart and Michaels just to suck up some of their air conditioning. Of course, thats short lived because as soon as I step outside their doors, I begin the meltdown process again. Cumulating in melting totally down in my bed, in front of a fan, covered in baby powder. Oh the glamour! Today the highs are supposed to be in the mid-80's. JOY!

As far as randumb goes, my brain is totally fried, but I'll try and rise to the occasion:

I read a story in the paper this week where a woman is selling her son to the highest bidder. She thinks he's the cutest kid EVAH, and therefore deserves to have his face in print, TV and on the internet. She's got a website with this kid on it, and she's hoping that advertisers see that he's just so adorable, that they'll pay $100,000 to use him in their ads for a year. Someone should just shoot that greedy bitch and take that kid. What an asshole.

Her quote, "When I'm taking him places, everyone seems to notice him and what he's wearing. They always say he's wearing the cutest outfits and I thought someone should be paying me to put their logo on him. He gets so much attention." If I had any energy, I'd go to North Carolina and slap this bitch. Seriously. How rude. How utterly whorish. I read the newspaper article on Tuesday, and I'm still pissed about it. I'm not even going to dignify that asshole by linking her from here, I'm just going to bitch about her. Branding a kid. Oy. I'm not a mother (The child bearing kind) but dosen't every parent think their kid is the CUTEST?! I hope the attention this mother is bringing to herself is not the positive kind, and showers of hate mail rain down upon her forcing her to take down her kid pimping website. Her last name is Hogg though. I think that is rather appropriate.


Everyone has sweet corn here. It's everywhere. And I do like me some sweet corn. I've had it twice for dinner this week (and two nights with shredded wheat because it was too damn hot. Obbie brought a pint of Cherry Garcia home on Tueday. It was good. I ate shredded wheat afterwards so I wouldn't feel so guilty.....) I might even have corn for dinner tonight too.

I came downstairs to sleep last night because it was cooler. I told Obbie I'd be back upstairs. At 5:30, the alarm went off and so did the cats. He came down to see where I was, for the kitties were all dive bombing him and meowing pitifully because I wasn't around. Perish the thought! A break in the routine!! All is well now, they're full, and back to laying around like dead things.

Do not underestimate the power of iced coffee. Saved my life this week.

Yesterday's mail was fun. One order of beads (copper lined glass, pretty) a package from my secret beader exchange (2 bracelets, an anklet, and a catnip toy for the kitties, a mob scene ensued) this thing called a Wig Jig for making wire components for jewelry (another thing I wish I'd invented. Imagine a 4x4 half inch thick piece of clear Lexan, with half holes drilled in it. You put the pegs in different patterns, and wind wire around them. The small version was 25 bucks. Dammit, missed the boat again!!) and a 10 day cut off notice for the electric. Oh. Whoops. I knew I'd been forgetting something......

Still no gas gauge on the Volvo. I have to guess mileage too, since the odometer is dead as well. I looked online and a fuel sending unit is about 150 bucks. I'll have to call the Volvo graveyard and see what they want for one. I know how the car acts when it's low on gas, but it's still rather unnerving. Not to mention SUCH a bite on the ass to fill up at 2.96. Pricks. I'm sad that theres nothing rant worthy in current events now. Just Israel and Lebanon. Fucking Hizbollah....nah, too hot to ramp up on that.

Next week I promise there will be a better Randumb. Also more stories from my yoot, since everyone seemed to really dig the ice and cold storage story. Stay tuned. (Oh, and the hitometer flipped 28,000 this week. Pretty interesting, since it's pretty much the same people, Thanks Guys. I love you and appreciate you reading!!)

Be cool. Drink iced coffees. Stay hydrated. I'm outta here.

Oh, I forgot. Check out these little beauties! 90% off! Yeaaah! Sierra Trading Post ROCKS!

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