Thursday, August 10, 2006

Randumb Boredumb

Alas, dear peeps, there has been so little (NONE) clever, or even semi-clever posting this week. I'm not sure why though. It's not about the blog. It's more about my head. I'm not only blog-blocked, I'm bead-blocked as well. It sucks greatly to have all kinds of wonderful tools at your disposal, but not inspired by any of them.

At least there are a few randumb things I've culled this week. Tally ho!

Tonight I saw a hot little Toyota Celica. It had the required 'cool' stickers on it: The big CELICA across the windshield, 'bad ass girls drive bad ass toys', 'hot chick racing team' and the old Baby on Board sign. I laughed. I wondered if she raced with her baby in the car.

Speaking of kids, have you seen the new Sweetarts Squeez? Oh. My. God. Straight sugar. In a tube. HA! Bet nobody with kids invented THAT. Hey, Organic Lisa, mind if I bring a couple tubes down to give to your kids, then split? Thought you'd hate me for that...

My house smells like a barn. And not in the good way. How can anyplace that dosen't house livestock smell like a barn? Too weird. I'm thinking that I'm going to have a hot date with a gallon of bleach, several buckets of hot water and scrubbing rags. Sounds like fun! NOT.

So now you can't take liquid or gel in your carry on baggage. Hm. Some kids are going to be very disappointed to have to throw out their Sweet Tarts Squeez. On the news tonight, they reported some lady was all pissed off because she had to throw out 175 bucks worth of makeup. I've never owned 175 dollars worth of makeup in my life. Let alone in my traveling bag. She probably wasn't allowed to take her applicator trowel on board either...

Whoo hoo! The humidity is going to break tomorrow, and we'll be getting into the 60's at night. Niiice. Much better than my Okie friends who are broiling out there. Stay in the AC, y'all!

I bought a pair of peach colored pants tonight. Yah, I know, I'll probably look like the peach from James and the Giant Peach, but damn, they were 75 percent off 44 bucks!! Puh-leeze! Anyway, I need to get away from jeans. They're nice cargo/capri kind of things. Not for work, by a long shot, but more for hanging out.

Tomato Blight. Some of my plants have it. I looked it up, and indeed, Farmer Bear was right, you shouldn't plant peppers and tomatoes together. It's not totally bad, but it does increase the probability of tomato blight. And don't keep planting tomatoes in the same place every year. The blight dosen't harm the fruit, just the leaves. Yellow and spotty. I could have sprayed with copper sulfate early on, but I think I missed my window of opportunity. Oh well. The lower half of the garden is going nuts. It's the top half that blighty.

See? Randumb isn't very good this time. Sorry. Have a great weekend.

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