Friday, August 25, 2006

Photo Phriday Randumb

I'm feeling no randumb story love today, so instead, we'll go for a walk around my front yard, and check out whats going on there:

This is part of the fence in front of my house. I can see them from the bedroom. When I first moved in, I had visions of morning glories, and planted them once. I didn't realize they keep coming back....

They're really pleased with the location, apparently.

They mostly look like this. Grandpa Ott might be the name of the species of morning glory.

But there are two of these hiding in amongst the purples. This is the second year for these to reseed themselves. When I planted them, I planted purple and white, pink and white, and the purple ones. This pink one is kind of hidden by leaves, so it wasn't fully open yesterday morning.

I thought the tag said Jalapeno. In retrospect, it was probably cayenne. This guy is about a foot long. Three plants are about 4 feet high, so there are lots of peppers. And even more blooms for MORE peppers. They're happier than the blighty tomatoes.

These are Thai Hots. They're no bigger than your finger, but they will HURT you. Seriously. I picked two and put into a big batch of tomato sauce on Monday. Ow. Hot, hot, burny!! I must wash my hands repeatedly after picking, because even after one hand washing it still burns. There are three bushes of these, and they're very pleased with their lot in life. I'm going to string them on cotton thread and hang them to dry. One goes a long way.

And thats it for this weeks Randumb! Have a good weekend!!

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