Sunday, July 02, 2006

Stoli Blueberi

As an avid vodka drinker, I tend to go more for the traditional drinks. I'm not huge on the current trend of sweet drinks. Chocolate martinis are an abomination, and the twit who invented those should be shot. Same with any of the other gaudy, girly martini drinks, or silly named drinks that you pay out the ass for at bars.

Stoli is 'my' vodka. Early on in my 'formative' drinking years, I learned that if you're going to drink vodka, don't bother messing around with the cheap shit. It isn't worth it. Some friends introduced me to Stoli, and it was good. And the drink of choice became cold Stoli shots. (They had to be cold, as I found out the hard way one night at a bar. My shot came, and I did it. And promptly spit it back into the was lukewarm. Not one of my classier moments, thanks) My Dad used to take a half gallon milk jug, cut the top off it, fill it with water and a bottle of Stoli and freeze the whole thing. He was doing that in the Eighties, long before Martha Stewart and her ilk made it a popular thing.

Since that time, vodka was the 'in' drink for awhile, and all kinds of new ones came out on the market. My trendy in crowd friends (heh, both of 'em) extolled the virtues of Gray Goose, Absolut, Chopin, and several of the other premium vods. I tried them all, and truth be told, I wasn't impressed. To keep up with the Joneses (or Joneskis I guess) Stoli rolled out flavored vodkas. Orange was okay. Cintron wasn't bad at all. Vanilla, blech. Cranberry was fine. Raspberry was pretty good. None were overly flavored, there was just a hint of the featured taste. So mild was the flavoring, that I never understood mixing drinks with it, for the flavor would be lost with the mix. (Stoli, in my never to be humble opinion) is NOT mixing vodka in the first place. It's shot vodka. You want to mix drinks, buy something less smooth.

I digress.

Last month, I saw a commercial for Stoli Blueberry. Or in their verbage, Blueberi. (reminds me of beri-beri, and thats a disease, no?) Anyway, I was enchanted. As soon as the next payday came 'round, I hotfooted to the local state store and found myself a bottle. It went into the deep freeze as soon as I got in the door, so when Obbie got home I could surprise him.

Oooh....GOOD STUFF! Not fakey, in your face blueberry, but just a nice hint of it. YUM! The chaser of choice is raspberry seltzer. Which is just a perfect way to end that shot.

So why am I rhapsodizing about this vodka? Because the blueberries are in season here, and are in all the farmer's markets. I was thinking about making blueberry/vodka sorbet. I bet that'd be good. But for Mom's picnic today, I'm making the famous blueberry sour cream pie. (I need a vodka drink for her function, but sometimes ya gotta do's a long drive back home, and I have to be at work tomorrow) I don't really remember where I was going with this, since I stopped in the middle to make the pie. Well, never mind, but if you get a chance, try some. You might just like it. COLD.

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