Friday, July 14, 2006

RanDUMB Nothing

It certainly speaks highly of a week when theres nothing worth recapping on a Friday.


The car is fixed and back home again. Varmits chewed the wiring of the speedometer, hence the non-working. The gas gauge is still at less than E, for it requires a whole new fuel sending thingy. I'll work on that some other time.

It's hot. And humid. But not raining. Thats always a plus. The tomato plants have grown insanely this week, so I have to cage some of them over the weekend.

Obbie took me to pick up my car this morning. On the way I treated us to coffee. I was very happy with my big cup of perfectly condimented Hawaiian Hazlenut. I balanced it between my knees as I put on my seatbelt. And promptly dropped it all over my legs and the passengers side of Obbie's truck. I'm more pissed about wasting a whole large coffee than I am about the mild burns on my leg.

After picking the car up, I was behind an M&M green VW beetle (the new ones). As I got closer, a head popped up in the back window. IT WAS A SHEEP. No shit. I almost rear ended the VW to make sure I was actually seeing a sheep, and not a dog. Nope. It was a sheep. Wearing a little harness. Thats why I don't do drugs anymore. Just random shit like that is wiggy enough. (Like the possum I saw in Oklahoma last year. You know, the one on strolling along on a leash in broad daylight.) A sheep. In a car. Too bad I was already late, or I would have followed them to find out (A) Why would you drive a sheep around in a car, (B) How does one GET a sheep in the car in the first place, and (C) What if the sheep has to go to the bathroom? Is it house (CAR?) trained?

As I say regularly, I cannot make this shit up.

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