Friday, July 28, 2006

Randumb Friday - The Happy Blogday Edition

Tomorrow will be my bloggy birthday! Two years of drivel, JUST FOR YOU. Or more likely, just for me. And you choose to read it. Hey. Theres worse things on the internet. I never thought I'd be doing this two year later. My parakeet attention span just isn't made for the long term. Apparently it works for blogging. Or just relaying the daily spew. Too bad that title is taken. The Daily Spew.

Anyway, lets get Randumb (which, by the way, is around a year old! I have to check the archives for dates. It was a random feature at first, but seems to actually become a regular.)

I got an email from eBay this morning. Two actually. And not spoofs. My account has been compromised, and I had to change my password. Oh fuck. What a fucking pain in the ass THAT was. Dammit. (How many expletives can be put in one sentence?) I've had that password since Day One of my ebaying. So now it's changed. Do I remember it? Only time will tell. I'm sure I'll put in the old one several dozen times before I figure it out. Dumbass.

Floyd! Floyd, Floyd, Floyd. Oh I do so hope you're not a cheating, testostrone injecting son of a bitch. Floyd, I shed TEARS while you stood on the podium at the Tour de Frog, as the 'Merican flag was raised. TEARS FLOYD! I welled up as your proud Mennonite parents, beseiged by media and well wishers, cut a big yellow cake to share with everyone and beamed as they talked about their son. TEARS FLOYD, as the bike store owner who got you started talked about what a gutsy, GREAT GUY YOU ARE. Don't let me down Floyd. I'll send a steamroller after your ass. You will be lumped together with Barry Bonds, Chief Steroid Asshat. You don't want that do ya? I'll wait.

Israel and Lebanon. They've been fighting for centuries. Condi Rice and the Shrub think they're going to change them? Oh spare me. Just let's get out now, before we're in another Iraq situation, and another generation is scarred by war.

Oooh! I actually watched about 3 minutes of South Park the other night. Their new (old) teacher was explaining science, and graphically shoved a glass tube up the ass of his big gay teacher's assistant. And inserted a gerbil. And showed the gerbil strolling along inside the teacher's assistant. I changed the channel. I wasn't particularly entertained. Do kids watch this show? Seriously?

I watched a very large, reddish spider make an elaborate web on the ceiling fan in the living room last night. I dreamed about the spider. This morning, I checked on it, and it's web. It's not there anymore. After I checked it...WITH A BROOM AND A SHOE that is. Smoosh. At least it died knowing it accomplished something.

Obbie is toiling away in the warehouse by night, but what he does during the day remains a mystery. I assume PR work, but what do I know? He did burn trash and take the recycle bin to the curb yesterday. He sadly assumed he'd be paid today after starting last Monday. Silly Obbie. He hasn't worked in the regular world for a long time. NEXT Friday he gets a paycheck. Oh. Next week is going to be a long week.

I ran out of checks this week. I don't use checks much, only for rent and other overhead bills, most get paid online. (When I can remember the freakin' password) So I ordered new checks last Friday.
I paid extra to have the express delivery, since I usually pay my rent mid-month, and couldn't. I guess in check printing world, express means a week. They came yesterday and I beat feet to the landladies house to pay up. She wasn't home, of course. So I stuck the check on the lovely arrangement she had on her front door. Right behind the cute little birdie's ass. Heh. I AM easily amused.

Whats on tap for the weekend? Oh hell, I don't know. Originally we thought we'd go camping, but in light of the paycheck revelation, perhaps another time. I cleaned off the dining room table after I posted the picture last week. It looked way more trashy online than it does here. But now I can see over the top of whats left on the CHRISTMAS TABLECLOTH. I need to organize my beads too. Obbie can't stand it, they're everywhere. I have so many unfinished projects! It's about motivation. Heh.

Today looks like another soupy, swampy, mucky day here in Pennsylvania. Oh JOY! At least work has A/C. But I don't have anything here for lunch (without cooking at this hour, not happening) so I'll swim thru the murk to the grocery at lunchtime. Remind me to pick up toilet paper. I've forgotten the last three times I was at the store. Dumbass. And I can't even bitch at Obbie about it.

And I'm getting my hair cut tonight. 6 weeks after the last one. Yes. I'm keeping the appointment. It looks better than that stringy shit hanging in my eyes. I got admonished from Amy, the beautician (Whats the other word?!) the last time I was in. I hadn't had a haircut in over a year. They're nuts about you keeping up with your appointments. She gave me a coupon (yay) and called me yesterday to remind me. Yes dear! I'll be there at 5:00!

I hope that randumb enough for you. I'm off to shower and get outta here, so I can get some COFFEE! (The coffee shop also makes smoothies that look really REALLY good. I'm torn between my need for caffeine, and the desire for a smoothie. Man. Life's a bitch sometimes)

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