Friday, July 07, 2006

Randumb Friday - Bizarro Week Edition

I say Bizarro because this business of having a weekend, working one day, having a day off and working three more days is just so bizarre. Half the universe was off on Monday, everyone (it seemed) was off Tuesday, and then back to work on Wednesday, with everyone's head someplace else. Mine included. Without further ado:

Art Show Cancelled! Ha. The art show on Saturday has been cancelled. The creeks at the State Park are still in the parking lots, and that isn't condusive to good customer relations. Too bad. Being the glutton for punishment that I am, I'm trying to get a spot in another one next weekend. It's in the same area, just in town versus in the woods. I'm partial to the woods, but this show in town attracts a shitload of people. Plus one of the longtime vendors is a Thai restaurant. So we're going for the chow.

North Korea Debunked The little turd is just mad he didn't get to go to Graceland with The Prez. Like the spoiled egomanic he is, he threw a temper tantrum (look at me! Hey look! Are you looking?!!) He's going to be sent to his room without dinner. Seems fitting for a person whose country is starving all around him while he plays games.

Jersey Up and Running Again! Guess someone got their way in New Jersey. The state will reopen this afternoon, since the budget apparently was passed. (I didn't check the news this morning) Too bad though, I wanted to go gawk around in a dead (sleeping) casino. That'd be cool. My question, though, what can you do in Atlantic City besides go to a casino? I'm just askin.

Internet Psychos! Ever since the untimely passing of a blogging icon, there has been some really farkin' weird posts on more than a couple blogs. I understand that grief can make a person act strangely, and nobody should be dictated how to mourn, but damn! Catfighting, stalking and general weirdness isn't justified. It's none of my business, because I'm not an involved party, just a long time reader. I'm just sayin'

Jamocha Almond Fudge. Dammit all to hell. I've discovered Jamocha Almond Fudge Ice cream. It's a bad, bad thing. However, on the upside, Baskin Robbins is pretty stingy with it's scoops, so a single scoop will do no harm. I won't get a pint of it, Obbie would come home and find me face down in it. No good. They've gotten pretty smart, the Baskin Robbins peeps (or Basking Robins as we call it at the Ranch) combining their stores with Dunkin Donuts (Dinky Dognuts, we have different names for everything) What better way to chase down a cup or cone of Jamocha Almond Fudge than with a hot cup of coffee (toasted almond, extra skim, 2 splendas for me) from Dinky? Yum! That sounds like lunch tomorrow.

Up to My Own Devices. Obbie is working a car show this weekend. All day today, all day tomorrow (in light of the art show washout) and most likely all day Sunday. Oy! Whats a girl to do with almost a whole weekend to herself? Cut grass, go to the new bead store, go to the farm market and nursery, make some chain maille, cook. What else for cripes sake??

And there you have it. This weird weeks totally ranDUMB Friday. Have a good weekend!

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