Wednesday, July 12, 2006

And Still Nothing (much)

The week thus far:

Monday- Bad day at the mines. Just plain bad. Couldn't wait to get home and go to sleep. No coffee, but at least lunch was good. I had a headache the whole day. Obbie took me for an iced coffee after work to cheer me up and to get rid of the headache, but it didn't work. At least the coffee was good. Passed out on the couch around 9:00.

Tuesday-Better day, but on the way home, I got pulled over. The inspection expired on my car months ago (yeah it did happen last year too, shut up) but the nice cop gave me a warning. I have to have it inspected in 10 days and send back the warning card he gave me. This probably isn't a big deal, but on Sunday both the gas gauge and the speedometer quit working. Ka-ching, anyone? It goes in the shop tomorrow for all things to be checked out. We'll see how much THIS will cost. Siiiiiigh.

Oh joy of joys! I cannot WAIT to see what today brings!! There is coffee in my future, and THAT makes me happy.

Since last week, I've had 4 applications for art shows declined. One because I didn't get it in on time, and the other four because..."SORRY WE HAVE TOO MANY JEWELRY PEOPLE". Beaded jewelry is the new wood craft. Everyone who has ever been to a craft show says, "Oh I can do that" and runs out to the craft store, buys a magazine and a bunch of supplies, and starts churning out stuff. Thats okay. Because next year, there will be something else coming down the crafts show pike. It's cyclical like that. Obbie and I have discussed getting in on the St. Obnoxious thing (Hey Ace, didja get your shirts yet?) because St. Obnoxious's founder is less than enthusiastic about going to shows. Obbie and I don't care, so we might be buying into it on a consignment basis. It's just idle talk while we're grilling, but it just might happen. Stay tuned.

See? Out of nothing, I was able to at least make an appearance, so be happy. It's time to get ready for work.

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