Friday, June 30, 2006

Randumb Friday - The Sorta Long Weekend Edition

Hi y'all! Welcome to the randumb return! I took last Friday off since I was otherwise occupied with returning from vacation, but I couldn't let y'all go Randumbless! Without further ado:

Crest Vanilla Mint toothpaste.....What where they thinking? We got some and are in the midst of using it now. Um. It's weird. I feel that toothpaste should be mint, all mint and nothing but mint. The vanilla is a strange and unexpected taste. Not unpleasant, mind you, but just odd.

Barney is recovered quite well from his surgery. His idiot brother is still traipsing around with balls, but the cat smell has vanished. I keep telling Maxx I'm going to stuff him in a box. "Here kitty, kitty...come to mommy...I'm gonna stuff you in a box" he hates me. (And with good reason)

I was up in the middle of the night with a toothache. Or at least I dreamed I had a toothache. This morning there is no toothache. Weird.

And our favorite overexposed white trash whore is doing it again! Posing nekkid on Harpers Bazaar. Trying to look like Demi Moore, what with the pose and the black hair. Hey Brittany, I knew Demi Moore, and you're no Demi Moore. Demi Moore (Asshole Kutcher not withstanding) has more class in her toenail clippings than you do in your entire body. Stop. Now. I beg of you. While at least some of your dignity is intact. You've backslid quite alarmingly from pop superstar to attention whore, and it's quite less than attractive.

In one week there is another craft show. I haven't picked up my jewelry making stuff (except for chain maille) since the last show. But I've got 1000 rings of different colored aluminum whizzing their way via priority mail as we speak. Will I make some chain maille stuff for the craft show? Will I make more beaded stuff for the craft show? Only time will tell. (Thats why I had the rings priority mailed, if they get here in time, I can work on them this weekend.)

Ah, this weekend. Whats up with having a weekend, a day at work, a day off work, then the rest of the week? I don't get that. Its just strange.

As of July 1, Rolling Rock beer will no longer be made in the glass lined tanks of Latrobe, PA. It'll be coming to you fresh from the mountain springs of....NEWARK, NJ. Eeew. And I like Rolling Rock so much! I've had so many good times with it. But coming from Newark (courtesy of Budweiser I believe) just ruins it for me. Bastards.

Star Jones. Why is this national news? She was a fat lady who lost a ton (literally) of weight, but was still too big for her britches. Boo hoo, she quit because she was going to be fired, and is now dissing (on national television yet) Barbara Walters who is a real live journalist. Hey Star...go back to pimping Payless. You're gonna need the money.

And Paris Hilton had a reggae album out. Just shoot me now. Hasn't her fifteen minutes of fame expired? Jeezus.

The flooding. Oh yes. The flooding. Yep. Lots of water. Yep. High creeks, streams and rivers. Yep. Displaced people. Now the rivers are going down. Everyone is relieved. But the 24/7 new coverage of water going down is just a tad tedious. We were going to go out and take flood pics, but the horror of being a rubbernecking tourist is just too great. Maybe for another disaster.

And theres a tomato growing in the eaves of the my porch! Yep, an upside down tomato plant. I suspect it got there by way of one of the goddam starlings that nest in there. And naturally, grew towards the light. It's a new one on me, thats for sure. Pics will be coming soon. (I finally got Obbie's new camera to work. It was less than cooperative for several days, but it seems to be fine now. It must have been upset from the travel.

So Bin Laden released an audio message supporting al-Zarqawi. Isn't that nice? What did anyone expect? Not that it matters now. Al-Zarqawi is cooling on a slab somewhere. But the news story on Yahoo made me think. It says that the message was posted on an on an Islamic Web forum where militants often post messages. Thats interesting. I wonder if they get into flame wars on there too? "Infidels!!" "Your momma sucks camels for falfal" and that kinda thing. Now I don't have too much time on my hands, why do you ask?

Have a great weekend, long or otherwise!

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