Friday, June 02, 2006

Randumb Friday - The Short Week Version

It's Friday again! It seemed like not so long ago we were here in the same spot. The dumb in Randumb is pretty thick for such a short week, so lets get to it:

Junkies nationwide are dying because of tainted dope. Boo hoo. Sorry keeds, I'm having a hard time mustering any sympathy about that. Especially since it's totally preventable...Don't Shoot Dope. Christ knows there are enough programs out there to get help, if it's wanted. So I'm not feeling all sad that some dumb junkies are being taken out of the gene pool. When pot smokers start dying because of tainted weed, then come ask me to help organize a telethon. Potheads aren't really a threat to anyone but themselves, and don't even bother giving me that horseshit about it being a gateway drug. Nope, not getting started.

Obbie is working today and tomorrow at the All Ford Nationals here in Carlisle. It's a rilly big shew, from what I understand, and it's gonna be HOT. I warned him about being hydrated. He says that Carlisle Events comes around hourly with ice water for the people who are working. Good for them to take care of their employees. Not that they couldn't afford it or anything....
Being nosy, I'd love to see the attendance figures from one gate for the weekend.

So Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie had their baby. Thank God! Now we can move on to more pressing issues. (I personally think that those two are the most beautiful celebs in the world, but thats one of my secret shames)

AIEEE!!! My eyes! Just when the horror might have been over!!! Paris Hilton & Nicole Ritchie are reuniting for a Simple Life reunion. Oh hell, make it stop!! Those two have the combined IQ of a post hole digger, WHY must they be constantly in the media?!?!!

Did anyone catch two hours of The Office last night? I love that show. It's so absurd, yet so true. I didn't like it when I first saw it, now I'm hooked. I have to check Netflix and see if it's out on DVD yet so I can get totally caught up with it. I think I have a major crush on Jim.

So now that I'm cleaning up my credit, every day in my mail, there are deals from credit card companies telling me I'm pre-approved for insane lines of credit. Call now! Guess what? They get torn up and put in the burn barrel. Been there, done that, no more for me, thanks.

Sunday is a fiddle festival and mini bluegrass fest. It didn't cost much to set up, but it's down near Reading, PA. Hopefully this ugly weather will go away, and it'll be a lovely day. Everyone will come out to the park to listen to music, shop the craft vendors and eat food. Last weekend we bought two funky weird things to display jewelry on. They are most unusual, and hopefully that will work to our advantage. The rest of the stand hasn't been revamped at all, meaning the same table clothes, but the displays are new. We'll see what happens with that. Since I'm left to my own devices tomorrow, I'm going to play around and do a mock set up. Obbie's ideas might be totally different than mine, but we'll deal with that at another time.

Anna Nicole Smith is pregnant. Yay. Way to perpetuate that gene pool. Gah! And just when she got rid of all the weight! Guess she'll have to start smoking crack again. Oh, sorry, I meant 'Taking TrimSpa again. Yeah, thats it, Trimspa.

A spelling bee in prime time. Well, it beats the Simple Life, thats for sure. Even though I didn't watch it, I'm sure it wasn't the riveting action, and tits and ass that America wants to see on television.

Oh, the strawberry jam fervor has died down somewhat. I don't think I'm going there right now. I already have a couple projects going, and simply don't have the time or energy for jam making right now. I think I'll conserve my energy for the great salsa round up in the late summer. Yay salsa!! But tomorrow is another day. If I encounter a whole bunch of berries cheap, this may change...

The Mangosteen Brothers are due to have their little kitty neutering surgery on the 16th. When I was setting up the appointment, they asked if I wanted an EKG done on them to make sure their kitty hearts could handle the operation. Huh? I've had cats for 20 + years, and that has never been an issue. It'd be an extra 12 bucks per cat if I opted for that. I'm using a local spay/neuter organization for lower cost operations. If I add the $12 per cat into that fee, I'm right up there with the regular fee at my usual vet. I'm going to have to rethink this a little. Plus they keep them overnight. I've always dropped off the little maniacs in the morning, and picked them up in the afternoons. Hmm.....I'm worried about the trauma here. Barney and Max haven't been apart very much, and poor Max isn't the sharpest tool in the shed. I am hoping that they stay together to keep down any kitty anxiety. Again, let me think about this. I believe I'm calling my regular vet today and checking to see what their SOP is. It might be worth the extra $$ to get them back the same day. }

And on a side note, let me say how happy I am that I'm not involved in blog drama (with other bloggers) or forum dramas anymore. I don't like drama. It isn't fun or constructive.

And so it goes. Times for me to SSS and get back to the sludge pits. Have yourself a great Friday! TA!

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