Friday, June 16, 2006

Randumb Friday - The Pre Vacation Edition

Obbie says Thank You! To all his friends in blogland. He was very pleased about having so many people wishing him a happy birthday. They're not big on birthdays in his family, so cake, ice cream and presents was a pretty big deal yesterday. Not to mention a whole blog entry. I bought him a digital camera off ebay, but of course it didn't come, so he got the eBay summary sheet instead. It should be here today. He's being dragged semi-willingly into the digital age.

I was too lazy to do the whole home made thing last night but the local grocery/meat market makes awesome baked goods. Since neither of us need a whole cake, two frosted brownies worked just as well:

No pics of the steaks, potatoes and salad though. I had to sell a pint of blood to pay for the steaks, and I was too woozy to take a picture. (I must be too spoiled having a freezer full of local beef, 11.99 a pound for t-bones was a big unnerving....that teach me to dig to the bottom of the freezer to find the T-bones next time!)

Today is special because it's the last day of work for a whole week! A WEEK! I'm postively giddy with anticipation. I do hope I don't forget everything I'v learned in the past two months. Now THAT would suck.

If you recall, last year, I took my week and went to Oklahoma. Which was a blast! If it wasn't so bloody far, I'd be there again in a hot second. Howevah, air fares being what they are, and the memory of the endless car ride still fresh in my mind, we aren't going out there. And not Nova Scotia either. I'm taking my week and we're breaking it up into a couple trips. Later in the week, we're heading to the beach for some sunning, swimming, fishing, hiking and camping. With liberal amounts of drinking thrown in for good measure, because, well...because.

But tomorrow, early in the morning, we are leaving for New York City! I'm just a little excited. I haven't been to NYC for about 30 years, when I went with my church youth group to observe sinners in action. Now I'm all growed up, and will be one of those sinners! We have a hotel in Soho, right near Chinatown and Little Italy, and we're planning on visiting a couple Big City flea markets (you heard me, we're going to the City That Never Sleeps for flea markets, HEY! You never know what you'll find!) We're also going to Lombardis, the first pizza place opened in America. You've probably seen it on the Food Network. Coal fired ovens, baby. Thin crust pizza. Oh Lawd! It's like the pinnacle of pizza-dom. Incidentially, the coal is from Pennsylvania. Hah. A little trivia for your day from your Auntie Ames.

Obbie's totally stoked about this whole trip (Totally stoked? Did I really say that?!) He's printed out reams of things to do while we're there, and has been obsessively combing the internet for more. He found a club near our hotel called "Fat Black Pussycat" and we may be stopping there for cocktails. You sign up online for drink specials & future discounts. The event promotor emailed me yesterday, and took our names so we could be on the guest list and get in with no cover. HEE! Of course, now I'm having a crisis over what to wear to 'Fat Black' since I'm Fat White and hate all my clothes. Maybe I'll find a nice, stylish tent in Soho to wear. If you google Fat Black Pussycat, they have an awesome website, with 360 views of the club and drink specials.

Other than those 3 things, the agenda is wide open. Obbie asked me last night what I wanted to do in NYC. Thats hard. We're only there for less than 2 days, and theres so much I want to do. Ground Zero is not an option, however. When I was in OKC, I went to the bombing memorial, and the ghosts were there. It's an awesome monument to those who died, but it was heart wrenching. I just don't have any desire to go to Ground Zero. I have far too many memories of that day, and still get a little queasy when I see the footage (for the millionth time) of the plane flying into the Towers. I just don't want to go there. If that makes me unAmerican, so be it.

Aside from the NYC trip, and the preparations at work to make sure nothing untoward happens while I'm away, there isn't much left. When I bought Obbie's photography book at Borders yesterday, the total was 23.32. I gave the brainchild behind the counter a fifty dollar bill and 32 cents. I was afraid he'd have to sit down to do the math on it. Jeeez. He stared at the money for the longest time, until I finally prompted him, "Hey, it's 32 cents, the change...just make my change from the dollars..." "Oh, yeah, you're right...." Puh-leeze. And these are the future of our world? Hold me, I'm scared.

Puffin did a nice job on Brittany Spears yesterday. Even though I am wearing blue toenail polish, I've got to agree with him. She IS trashy, and it's very evident these days. I saw about 30 seconds of the interview last night. Where is her stylist? Jeeezus! Chewing gum, mascara sticking to her eyelid, boobs falling out of her dress...gah! She was a fright! Her pal Madonna needs to stage an intervention and give her a couple lessons on how to appear in public. She's just dreadful. And pregnant again! Stop breeding dumbass!! She's not very far removed from some of those Walmart queens I see at the maul, waddling around, pushing a baby carriage, screaming at her kids (Celine! Dion! Dale Junior!! Quit buggin' those nice people! Old Navy don't want you'uns in the store windows!) Oohh..

What else, what else. I'm apparently the only one in America who hasn't seen Cars. I'm getting there. Maybe next week whilst I'm a lady of leisure, I can take in a matinee. Obbie has some job related shit to do between NYC and camping, and I'll be left to my own devices. Which will include some extensive lawn care. It looks like nobody lives here with all the weeds and tall grass in the yard. I can't find the recharger cord for my damn weed wacker, and thats a big part of the problem! The other thing I need to do next week is list stuff on eBay. The 'good' junk (snort) that didn't go to flea last weekend is in the ebay staging area (read: scattered about the dining room) and will have to get photographed and listed next week.

And the Mangosteen Brothers go to the vet a week from Monday for surgery. I have to drop them off between 6 and 7 am, and retrieve them between 3 and 5. The old school vet who's doing the surgery is pushing 80, and has been vetting forever. I'm truly convinced that he did Lassies neutering....

On that note, I'm out of here. Stay tuned for remote blogging (oh I'm not with it enough to have wi fi out in the world! I think I have a wireless card somewhere, but I can't be sure....) Have a good and safe weekend!

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