Thursday, June 15, 2006


Today I want to wish my best friend Happy Birthday!

He is one of the sweetest, most considerate people I've ever met. He is brilliant, loyal and charming. He has built cages, designed displays, humored my foul moods in ways no other has attempted. He's deathly allergic to cats, but in the evenings curls up on the couch with them, despite the watery eyes. The man makes one hell of a home made pizza, and is a Grill Master. His business introduces him to many kinds of people from all walks of life. He is as comfortable talking to the Governor as he is hanging out with the warehouse guys at the local bar. We make each other laugh so hard we cry, but when we're down, we are really down. (But there is safety in numbers, so we aren't down too long.)

He has opened my world up so much in the short time I've known him, and I'm proud to call him Friend, Sweetie, Daaahlink, Hunnnnay, and Blanche.

Thank you for being in my world, and I love you. MWAH!! MWAH!!

(The Birthday dinner of choice is t-bone steaks, baked potatoes, ceasar salad and chocolate cake with peanut butter frosting. Party pics tomorrow)

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