Saturday, June 03, 2006

But Think of the CHILDREN!!

Obbie has allergies. Actually, Obbie is allergic to cats. He told me this 6 weeks after he started spending lots of time here. In a house with 5 cats. He's a fine man, that Obbie.

Anyway. Obbie also has no health insurance. Which, if he did, he'd get allergy shots to cut down on his allergy symptoms. (He checked into the whole thing sans insurance...450 bucks for the initial testing, which they insisted he had to have, even though he's been tested God knows how much for the shot) So he buys Claritin-D over the counter. In this day and age of hysteria and the government saving ourselves from ourselves, the Claritin is kept behind the counter at the pharmacy. He picks up a little card off the rack, and presents it to the pharmacist, who has to 'look in the system' for Obbies information before he can sell it to him. The first time he went to Target, (Or wally for that matter) he had to present his drivers license so they could have 'his information'.

Yesterday he went to Target for his Claritin-D. "Sorry sir, we cannot sell you any. Our records indicate that you purchased a pack less than ten days ago. There is a limit on how much you can purchase in a given time." (What happens if you're going on vacation and need two weeks worth of Claritin for a trip to the mountains? Tough luck, sucks to be you. What happens if your brand new pack of Claritin goes thru the wash? Sucks to be you. The GOVERNMENT WON'T ALLOW US TO OVER RIDE THE SYSTEM.)

Isn't that some bullshit?

Meanwhile, the crackheads in the city are shooting each other over 20 dollar rocks, and killing gas station attendants for money for more dope.

What a fucking place we're living in these days. Hold me, I'm scared.

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