Monday, June 05, 2006

Bead Dork

Another weekend, another craft show. This one was at least entertaining, as it was a bluegrass concert/fiddle festival. It was held at a cultural center near Reading, PA.

This greeted us when we pulled in:

It's a Distelfink. Which is a Pennsylvania Dutch Good Luck bird. Okay, that works for me. This one was pretty big. Like VW Beetle sized...I wanted a better picture, but the groundskeeper was messing about with the vegitation under it, and I didn't want to get him in the shot.

So we set up our new and improved display. We kept the black and white cloths. They just seem to fit the look better than any of the other things we thought about. Obbie devised a new setup however:

The table on the right is up on little bed risers, and that brings it to the right height for earring shopping. The earring display has been spiffed up dramatically, with black grids backed by black foamcore. It's very professional looking. Except for the coffee stains on the tablecloths (cough, cough) They were covered nicely by the different things we had on display.

We made our stand money back, partially due to Obbie's brainstorm to sell dollar necklaces to the kiddies. 3 beads on a leather thong for a buck. Oh please, he sold several, and it bulked up the sales dramatically. You let the kids dig thru the beads and find three they really like. Meanwhile the mothers are looking at the 'real' jewelry...Heh. Brilliant. This man is a geeeenyus.

The day wasn't bad, we didn't make the fortunes we wanted, but we did make the booth fee back, and did NOT get rained on. A half hour after we had packed up and were heading home, the skies opened up. We were happily eating BBQ chicken down the road. Now THAT, my friends, is success.

You have to take 'em where you get 'em sometimes.

This brings me to the tonight's title. Beads fascinate me. Big ones are cool, but little seed beads are one of my favorites. When I heard about these special dichroic seed beads, I had to have some. For all you non glass dorks, dichroic means iridescent. But it's more than just iridescent, it's like see three different colors refracted in the glass. Oh, it's a whole science, trust me. Call Mr. Google and ask for dichroic beads, and you'll get the lesson. Anyway, I HAD to have some of these.

Alas, they are horrifically expensive. The more you buy, the cheaper they are. So a woman on my beading forum put a call out to the bead dorks to place an order thru her. We did, we got the cheapest rate possible, and we were all happy. Where am I going with this ramble? I just wanted to illustrate to what extent of a bead dork I can be. These beads come in one gram tubes. ONE GRAM.
One gram of these beads is about 160 beads. They are perfect little cylinders, and line up perfectly in your work. Here is my order:

The Duracell is there for comparison purposes. Theres another tube of beads, but he rolled away while I was taking the pic. You get my drift, don't you? One gram of seed beads (size 11 for the record) is smaller than a AA battery. And they cost 4.99 a gram....after the discount for buying 100 grams or more.....Yes, I AM going to use these sparingly.

Freakin' bead dork.

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