Wednesday, June 28, 2006

At Least It's Not Raining

For the time being, anyhow. It's rained every day since Friday. And some of it was torrential downpours. The ground is saturated, and the rivers and creeks are flooding. The big river, the Susquehanna, to the NE of the Groundhog Ranch, is expected to flood the big city this week. 25 feet is what they were calling for last night on the news. I think flood stage is 17. The river floods every couple years, so this shouldn't be that big of a deal.

If you live along a body of water, sooner or later, you're going to get flooded. It's nature's way. I'm always amused at how people are so shocked to discover they're in the line of fire (so to speak) and will have to move their precious stuff up a couple floors, or totally out of their house because of a flood.

What amuses me less, and pisses me off more, are the fine folks who KNOW they're in a flood/hurricane area, build grandiose homes, and then expect the insurance industry and the gubmint to bail them out when it gets destroyed. I read last week where Allstate is cutting back on lots of it's flood insurance because of last years hurricane fiasco. I think many other insurers may follow suit and drop coverage. To give someone assistance to rebuild once or twice in a decade or more, fine, but every couple years help some poor bastard rebuild his summer home is absurd. Whats even more absurd is the federal flood insurance, and that my tax dollars will go to help rebuild some schmucks summer mansion.....again and again. Again, some assistance, but to rely on the gub'mint to rebuild you, no. Wrong.

See? Not even very ranty. I'm not feeling all that swift today, and I don't know why. I guess I'm just waiting for the next round of rain. I think it's all supposed to be gone tomorrow.

All the mosquito bites I acquired (or blackflies) at the beach last week seem to be flaring up now. I knew there was biting going on, I just hadn't seen them until now.

Barney Mangosteen is recovering well from his surgery. He's come out of hiding, and is back happily sleeping in bed with us again. Or should I say, hogging the bed. He sure takes up a lot of space for such a little cat. His idiot brother is back to being his weird old self. He'll cruise by me, rub up against my leg, but when I go to pet him, he bolts. The vet tech said I could call in a get some kitty tranks for him, but the problem is......if I can't catch him to box him, how can I catch him to trank him? Uh, DUH! Cheesh!!

Last night I dreamed I had to be weighed for some program. That was kind of scary. The scale kept coming up to 260! Oh hell no! I gained a little weight, but not in a million years that much! Daaam.

Stupid dreams. I blame Obbie and Barney. They were hogging the bed, and I was all squinched over in on the side.

On the North side of the house, the sun is coming out. On the South side are big black clouds. Whats up with that? Must be the scattered showers the weather guys speak of...

And now I'm done. There is nothing more to ramble about.

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