Monday, June 12, 2006

And Here We Are Again

Monday morning all over again. I dreamed on Saturday that I had a three day weekend. Boy was I disappointed when I woke up to find that, sorry, it was all just a dream. Hell, even the 4th of July is going to be a regular two day weekend, unless I want to use a vacation day for Monday. Sparing you the editorials about that, I'll move along.

Saturday was pretty cool. We sold a ton of stuff, sadly we have at least a ton left. I got rid of a vacuum cleaner (The Hated Eureka) that has vexed me for a long time. I got less than I wanted for it, but oh well, it's worth that to be out of my dining room. I hope it works better for them than it did for me.

As we were setting up, a truck pulled in next to use, and lo and behold, it's the people from the flea market....Yep. The lady and her husband and dad. Oh lovely. Obbie snickered right off the bat, as they started unloading their old stereo equipment, big truck tires, and tubs of toys. She started talking to me about a half hour after they were set up, and now I have a friend for life. Shhhee....

Anyway, we sold a bunch of stuff. And even though the wind blew all day, we managed to make a fistful of dollar bills, and had a grand old time talking to people. The other part of the sale, where they sold the leftover stuff from the college kids, was interesting. Before 8 am, there was at least a hundred people lined up to get in and go thru all their stuff. Amazing. Obbie went down later, and came back rather astonished. "You HAVE to go down there, it's incredible! Rows and rows of clothes, shoes, rugs, furniture...go check it out" Later I mosied down, and even then, several hours into this thing, there was a TON of stuff still being picked thru. People carrying RUBBERMAID TUBS full of clothes out the door. Old Navy, LL Bean, J Crew, LaCoste, Adidas, Nike, you name the brand, it was in these piles. I picked up a pair of Adidas running shoes for two bucks. They're a little beat, but they'll do just fine for cutting the grass. Also a pair of cargo pants from Old Navy for $2. A little smaller than I wear, but lately it seems that everything is smaller than I wear, unless I buy a circus tent.

Around 1:30, we'd had enough. The velvet painting of Jesus had gotten sold, the vacuum and shelf units both found new homes, and even the wok went away. It was time to leave. We broke down and packed up in record time (We're getting SO good at that) and hurried off to our local pub for some grub and a beer. After some great food (In Carlisle- The East Hanover Street Pub. Do try the garlic hot wings, they're wicked) we headed home and promptly passed out for naps. Later I pulled a weed or two in the garden, and that was that. Standing around pimping junk all day is pretty hard work.

Sunday morning found us at the flea market, trying to sell the leftovers from the day before. We should have cut our losses, and stayed home, but we did manage to get rid of another box or two of crap. My new best buddy was there again, and she came up to visit with us awhile. She wanted to give me her phone number so the next time I do a craft show, I can take some of her plastic canvas yarn Kleenex box covers (In various NASCAR designs) and sell them for about using my skills as a diplomat (yes, I do have them) I told her that most of the shows we've been doing require me to send in pictures of my work ahead of time. Obbie was no help, he just walked away chuckling.

And that is the junk dealers weekend recap. My garden is overgrown with weeds and assorted weirdness, I have to start working on that this week. (Like Mom said, less beading more weeding, isn't she clever, folks?) I'm so drained after work that when I come home, I just want to sit down and not think for awhile. I have to change that, because there is little forward motion around here)

This week may end up interesting. Someone's birthday is on Thursday (ooh, guess who!) and The Boys are going to the vet for fixing. Like I said, interesting, at least in my world. Oh! And since the Nova Scotia trip isn't going to happen, I need suggestions for small vacationy things. I'm loathe to give back a week off, but I'm more loathe to sit here all day every day, wasting vacation days. Your input is appreciated.

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