Tuesday, May 16, 2006

Why Is Obesity A Problem In America?

I have no idea.....

On sunday, we saw a commercial for food so heinous that even I wouldn't eat it. It seems to have summed up the answer to why Americans are obese.

KFC Hot Bowls. A delightful combination of layers of KFC goodness. Mashed potatoes, then corn, then deep fried chicken bites, then gravy, and as a topper, cheese. Honest to God. I guess the corn is so you get your veggies, not that you could tell that the corn was even there.

I've eaten my fair share of glop, but I cannot even stomach this mess.

Of course, the internet is making a liar out of me, for I cannot find a picture of them online, so as to share their fat laden goodness. Too bad too, the TV commerical made Obbie and I both say, "Ewwww!"

Whats next? Put it all in a blender and market it as truly 'on the go' meals.

Pardon whilst I retch.

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