Monday, May 08, 2006

Two Words


Do it. If you like asaparagus, you'll love it on the grill.

Take your asparagus, and make groups of five or so spears. Run a wooden skewer thru the thickest part of the bottoms and the tops (side to side) and make little rafts.

In a little bowl, mix some olive oil, lemon or lime juice, and spices you like. I used Mrs. Dash and some cajun seasoning. Put the asparagus rafts on the already prepared grill, and brush with the oil mixture. After about a minute, turn. Brush them again. Let them cook around 4 or 5 minutes total.

They'll be bright green, and the tips will be nicely charped.

We have a stir fry grate/basket for our grill, so we eliminated the raft business and just put the spears into the grate/basket.

It's wonderful!

Disclaimer: We use a charcoal grill. Not the anti-Christ gas grill. I suppose it'd work the same on there too, but we're all about the coals baby. (And not those hateful briquettes, either. Cowboy Charcoal, available at Lowe's, and probably other places. While you're at Lowe's get a charcoal chimney. Uses some wadded up newspaper in the bottom to start your charcoal without charcoal starting fluid. Everyone should have one.) Why yes, I AM A Grill Snob.

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