Thursday, May 11, 2006

So Many Projects, So Little Time

I have too many damn things to do. And too little time. A common complaint in this day and age, I'm sure. But I don't play well under duress.

In 9 days, I have a craft show. In 9 days, I have to make 20 pairs of earrings, 10 bracelets, 5 necklaces, and 5 beaded barrettes. JUST for that show. Which may or may not be a total bust. So I'm sitting here blogging instead of beading. Go figure.

I didn't get to do anything last night but rearrange the living room. Y'see, Mom K emailed me two weeks ago asking if I wanted a couch. Good shape, and it was free. We like free. One of her tenants moved and left it behind. It's not worn much, and it's kind of pretty. Okay, send me pictures. She happily complied. (Any reason to use her digital camera) Okay, it's not too bad, let's figure out how to get it 67 miles. She told me it was very, very heavy, and she'd have to call in 'two strong men' to move it. Yeah, yeah, whatever. Call me when this thing is going to happen. Monday, she said, get ready for me to come visit Monday, with couch in tow. Monday comes, the early AM email says she'll be there around 7:00, be ready, but she was somewhat concerned about moving 'such a heavy couch' in the back of her truck, and was afraid it wouldn't be secured enough, blah, blah, blah.....Monday night comes, she calls and says to stand down, the moving guys weren't there. And we started talking about options. Obbie says his truck has a six foot bed, and the couch is 80 inches, not much overhang there, we'll just come down. Mom K was very relieved, and said she's make dinner for us.

Tuesday we get the couch. Obbie and some old guy Moms knows get the couch down the stairs and into his truck and bungeed in securely in less than 20 minutes. Mom was astonished, and all was right with the world. After dinner, we came back here and deposited the couch on the front porch, because the living room is a disaster. Beads, bead magazines, books, articles, newspapers, remote controls, EVERYWHERE. There are five bookshelves in the living room, and every single shelf on every single one is full. It's nuts.

Last night I came home and dived right into moving junk. The bookshelves are rearranged, and stuff is repositioned, and the couch is in. Thats about all I can say about that. It isn't the ideal way to have the room set up, but for now, it will have to do. At least until after next weekend.

The Nova Scotia vacation most likely isn't happening. Which pisses me off to the highest level. I really wanted to go. I've spent hours researching NS, and reading about it. Given that neither Obbie or I are credit card people, the duckies to get two plane tickets to NS exists in a far away idea.

I haven't totally given up on the idea, but it's disappearing into the mist, and I'm really rather put out about that. If I didn't pay any bills this month, maybe, but thats not bloody likely either. I'll give it two more weeks before I give up on the plan completely.

And that dosen't make Amy a happy girl. Oh well, nothing like real life intruding into my fantasy world to annoy me. But what else is new?

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