Friday, May 05, 2006

The Return of Randumb Friday

As I try to get back into some semblence of normalcy here at In These Shoes, I bring the return of Randumb Friday! (Normalcy is soo overrated. And probably misspelled.)

So Keith Richards fell out of a coconut tree and now is having (or had) brain surgery. My question, what gave it away? Keef has been acting like he's had a concussion for years, what prompted them to operate now? My theory? The world needs to know exactly what IS going on inside Keef Richards head. Film at eleven....

Obbie fixed my clothesline last weekend. I couldn't find the wooden clothespins anywhere in my house, so we ran down to Tarshaaay for more. When I asked one of the teeny bopper Tarshaay Associates where one could locate wooden clothespins, they looked at me like I was from Saturn.
"Huh?" So we asked an older woman, who knew what they were, but sent us to the very back corner of the store (I could see my house from there) to find them. There wasn't a clothespin to be had back there. Instead, we found Lord of The Flies, Tarshaaay style. There must have been 8 kids back there, all unsupervised, running around. One kid was sitting on the floor reading. Not a parent to be found anywhere. That was weird. Must be the kids section. (Nyuk, nyuk) We never did find clothespins, so we went to Wally for them. That didn't take long at all, and my IQ only dropped 5 points in the time spent there.

Does anyone else see Grant Rampy on the early late news? We get Fox at 10:00 and Grant is their DC reporter. He's got a way he says his name that amuses Obbie and I greatly. Then of course, when he signs off, we have to sign off with him. ("GRANT RAAMPY!!) How old are we?

This has been an odd week. I don't know if it's me (me, me, me, it's always about me) or what, but there was weirdness afoot. Obbie and I went to a pool tournament/political fundraiser/boozefest on Tuesday night. That was fun, but Obbie scratched (YOU, YES YOU!) on the eight ball and we lost in the first damn round. By scratched, I mean, he shot the cue ball off the table.

After the pool drinking, we went to Dr. Loves house. He gave us some great music (Beatles Bootlegs!) and a DVD copy of Johnny Cash's 1975 Christmas special. Yeaaahhh....cooolll! We haven't sat down to watch it yet, but it's sure to be good. Maybe I'll view it tonight while beading.

Obbie is working the Carlisle Custom Auto Show today and tomorrow (The PR biz is busy, but not paying his bills like a full time job SHOULD. Don't get me started on that) So he's taken a job with Carlisle Productions, and will he helping them out with parking cars, and general public service. Too bad I'm not a mouse in his pocket for there are so many blog worthy stories that will come his way. Stay tuned.

I'll be spending tomorrow cleaning and beading. Perhaps I'll take in an auction in the AM. I haven't flipped any stuff on eBay lately, so maybe I'll give it a whirl.

Anyone want a tomato plant? There are ten in pots on the patio, and fourteen more seedlings ready to be potted. Of the Jet Star variety. A nice hearty tomato, 3-4 inch round fruits that don't crack as they grow. An heirloom variety. Damn me, when am I going to learn that I don't need to germinate a whole pack of seeds? And why the hell aren't my peppers or Italian tomatoes germinating like that? Guess it's off to the greenhouse for them, dammit. But anyway, if you're local and you want a mater plant, drop me a line.

I weeded the garden last week. It was a contest between being obsessive about getting every single little weed yanked out and having the attention span of a parakeet. Fortunately, the OCD won out. Alas, the weeds are back in the garden. I shouldn't have planted the spinach and lettuce mix. That way I could put a tarp over the whole garden and let the sun bake those little weedy bastards into oblivion. Oh well.

And now that Spring is officially here, the little ants are back in the kitchen. I hate ants. And it's particularly hard to police the 'nothing edible on the floor rule' with five cats that eat like they're never going to be fed again. Theres always some kind of kibble strewn about. Even with daily brooming. I saw a recipe last night for ant and roach killer. Mix boric acid with peanut butter. Ants will carry it back to their nests and they'll all die. Thats fine and dandy, but I can see the Mangosteen brothers (Not the rocket scientists of the feline family) chowing down on the boric acid peanut butter and expiring in front of me. I need to find plan B.

The sun is up, and I need to go tend to the plants outside. No rain means I get to water the containers several times a week. Thats okay, it's not snowing, and the furnace isn't kicking on every 20 minutes at $10 bucks a go. Have yourselves a lovely randumb Friday!!

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