Friday, May 26, 2006

Randumb Friday..The Three Day Weekend Edition

Time flies when you're having fun. Or something like that. Another Friday has rolled around, and it's time to fire up the old Randumbizer. I see where my buddy, Puffin did his version of RF. You go, Puff! That was good, but I have to say, this post is the best blog post I've read in a long time. Go there now and read: Incoherentramblings.....: “I am SOOOOOO a Scott Riggs fan.” Even if you're not a NASCAR fan, you'll enjoy it. He's a great dad and a fine human being. I'm glad I can call him Friend.

Onto other bidness:

Lost. I don't get it. Could someone give me Lost in 1 minute? The synopsis from the beginning?

American Idol: Still don't get it, even though I'm glad the 'old' guy won. He sings real music, unlike the pop princess. I don't get all the hype and the daily analysis of 'why did he win', 'did the right idol win?' and all that blather. Thank God (or Comcast) for the Travel Channel, Discovery, History Channel and Food Network. I'd never watch friggin' TV except for those. And of course, Antiques Roadshow.

It's Memorial Day weekend. Not just the 'official' start to summer, but the time to remember the men and women who fought for our freedoms. Hug a veteran this weekend, and don't forget them the rest of the year either.

Speaking of Veterans, WTF is up with having the personal data of 26.7 MILLION vets stolen? What kind of maroons are in charge here? This twit has been taking personal data home for 3 YEARS. What, exactly, was this person doing AT HOME with such sensitive information? Oh man. Heads better friggin' roll on this.

Official start to summer? Sure dosen't seem like it, does it? Before long we'll be bitching about it being too hot, so we better enjoy it.

Wednesday night was rather eventful here at the ranch. We heard police sirens, fire trucks, and all kinds of ruckus. Not a common occurance out here in farm country. As good American rubberneckers we went outside to see, and sure enough, on the little feeder road behind the house, there were 5 cop cars, (3 yokels, 2 staties) 3 ambulances, 2 big rescue rigs, and the state police chopper kept circling. As we watched, the local life flight helicopter came in for a landing, and the ambulances ferried 2 people into it, and after that left, the other life flight chopper landed and took another person away. We later found out that the cops were chasing a SUV that was going too fast, the SUV took off and tried cutting thru corn fields to get away. He came blasting up the little road behind the house, and rolled several times (that is one gnarly turn back there) and fucked up his passengers pretty good. He was in jail, last we heard, and his fucked up passengers are still in the hospital. Gotta love the police chases around here. They'll either shoot you or drive you into a ditch. Accomplishing their missions quite heartily, no?

Nova Scotia is on hold. Dammit all to hell. However, I think I'm still taking that week off. We're going camping somewhere, stay tuned for that. Of course it's blog worthy!!

So the Enron fuckers are guilty. Let's place our bets now on how much jail time they DON'T get. Corporate pirates should be shot, or at least be made to pay every single cent back they stole. Ask Obbie about his 8 grand of Enron stock that was worth 80 cents when he got rid of it....

The chain maille was moving right along. However, it will apparently be something I need to sit down and finish because I've lost my place moving it from work to home. It came looking sort of like this (more rings in the package, silly, this is just an example):

But will end up looking like this:

Allegedly, I say. I'm amused that I keep finding ways to drive myself nuts in the name of creativity.
and speaking of which, I finshed a project that I've been messing with off and on for over a year. I'm glad it's done:

And on that note, it's time to get more coffee, and get ready for work. Everyone have a safe weekend, be careful, don't drink and drive, and use your head, it's the small things that count!!!

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