Friday, May 12, 2006

Randumb Friday

Happy Randumb Friday!

Lets get right to the Randumb, shall we?

Randumb Redux: So Keef Richards' head injury was a tad more serious than originally thought. Hm. And he waited how long before the surgery? There are surely untold stories with that one.

Randumb Loser: I didn't win the prestigious 'Blog in need of a makeover' award as mentioned in last Saturday's post. Oh well. It's comforting to know that someone's blog is uglier than mine. I think I lost by two votes. My bad, I didn't vote for myself. Perhaps in my spare time this weekend (cough, cough, cough) I'll play around with the template a little. Or not.

Randumb Big Brother: Sooo, big Daddy's minions have been listening in on regular old American's phone calls, eh? On one hand this incenses me, on the other hand, no matter where we go or what we do, we're being watched. At work, many employers have net nanny programs, so they can keep an eye on productivity, (perish the thought that while a person is on the phone on hold, they're checking emails, or blogs, costing the company time and money) if you check books out of a library, all that info is going into some dataphase for the gub'mint, if you book plane tickets, more fodder for the database, even many towns and cities have cameras on you at stop lights and such. So every day, you're being spied on in one form or another, and whoever is doing the spying always has some justification for it. I can truly see where the patterns established by calling for pizza a couple times a month would be a matter of national security.

Randumb Paris: So Paris Hilton caused a ruckus at a video game expo. Poor, poor Paris. Regular people are sick of her, so she has to go whoring for press with ten thousand gamer geeks. She had one line to say, and managed to fuck that up. What a houseplant. She needs to go back to just being a spoiled rich girl, and get out of the public eye. She's a waste of space.

Randumb Doper: Barry Bonds. I don't care if he does break Babe Ruth's homerun record. It dosen't count. Performance enhancing drugs negate all records. (Sorry Mark McGwire, I love you dearly, but you don't count either. I don't care if I can buy a drum of creatine at GNC, it still negates the record)

Randumb Teen Idol Worship: Leif Garrett is going to jail. He opted out of a drug program and took the 90 days in jail and three years probation. So GLAD his priorities are in line. Since his addiction is like a prison already, whats 3 months in real prison? He'll find God and come out witnessing. Swell.

Randumb Comics: Dean Young, the cartoonish responsible for the Blondie cartoon (not Debbie Harry!) is opening a sandwich store in Florida. Guess what! They'll be selling Dagwood sandwiches.
Um, correct me if I'm wrong, but aren't Dagwoods just overstuffed sammies like subs/grinders/heroes/hoagies? And how the hell old IS Dean Young? 66? Surely he didn't originate the Blondie comic, unless he was doing it when he was 11.

Randumb Advertising: Does anyone else get freaked out by the VW ads where you're in the car in an accident? They make me flinch, big time. I've not been in many car accidents, but it's not something I care to repeat several times a night. I know it's an ad for safety, but jeezus, it's pretty freaky. I feel safe in my car, nothing quite like a quarter mile of Swedish sheet metal as a hood. I would LOVE someone to buy my old Volvo (yard car) and turn it into a demolition derby car.

Randumb Weather: According to Obbie, we're in for some crappy weather. Theres a storm system sitting over Michigan, and we're on the outer edge. It will be raining here for the next 5 days. "Heavy Showers are expected daily" So what exactly IS a heavy shower? Like a regular rainstorm?
These weather guys slay me.

Randumb Yummy: On Food TV the other night, we caught the end of Sugar Rush. The host is/was a lawyer in DC, and decided his passion was sweets, so he gets to go around the country visiting bakeries and pastry chefs. He visited a place in NYC that specialized in a cake called "Mille Crepe"
Which is basically 20 very thin crepes layered with butter cream. And finished by sprinkling sugar on top and carmelizing it with a hot iron. Oh yeah man. A whole cake costs an astonishing 65 bucks. I don't want a whole cake, just one piece will do.

Randumb Cat: Barney was rather subdued on Wednesday night. He didn't come out to meet me after work and was laying low all evening. I did find him napping in the bottom of the linen cabinet in the bedroom. When he did come out, I found he had a nick on the tip of his ear. So there must have been a big old catfight at some point in time. He's been put back in his place on the kitty pecking order.

This ends another edition of Randumb Friday. Don't forget Mother's Day is Sunday! Do something nice for the lady that birthed your silly ass. I know I am!! (Moms is coming up on Saturday for shopping and dining, which is becoming a Mother's Day tradition. I like it!!)

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