Sunday, May 21, 2006

One of THOSE Days

So we did the craft show yesterday.

Didn't sell a damn thing. Nothing. Gave out one (1) business card.

It rained. Then it was sunny. Then it rained again. Then it was sunny. Then the wind blew.

The setting was very nice, but I think this park lends itself more to camping and hiking than to craft showing. 10 miles from the nearest town is more condusive to the weekend getaway than to selling a bunch of stuff.

But it's okay. For whatever reason, it didn't leave a bad taste in my mouth. I do remember, though, why outdoor shows are more of a challenge than setting up in the community room of churches. It's the elements, stupid! We didn't bring the pop up tent, which at some point I thought was a bad idea. But when the wind came, and I saw the tent of another vendor lift straight up in the air, then crash upside down on their table, I thought perhaps it was okay we had left it home. The table got wet (not soaked) and several of the displays got blown off the table, but no major catastrophies.

The marketing/display department (Obbie) came up with a nice new design for the booth. It's more modern, uncluttered and more organized. Granted, it seems like more work than what is currently involved, but, it may be worth it. The current setup is a tad dated:

The black and white clothes are like old friends. I've been dragging them around for a long, long time. The white cloth, is a lace edged sheet my grandmother gave me years ago. It's going away too. One color of clothes straight across the tables. And there are more surprises. When it's set up and refined, I'll be sure to post again. (My camera is acting weird and taking fuzzy pictures. The battery light is blinking as well, so I suspect that it's a battery issue, at least I hope so.) Anyway, yesterday was a bust, and we were chilled to the core by the time we got home. Some nap time on the couch and mac & cheese for dinner made that right. Today is another day, and Obbie is off to work at another car show, and I'm left to my own devices again. Today I'll list some stuff on eBay.

And clean. All the stuff I was going to do on Friday, but didn't because I got into the zone with making jewelery and lost time (same as it ever was)

Happy Sunday!

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