Thursday, May 04, 2006

Now that the big bead project is finished,

I can move on to start making stock for the three, yes THREE shows that are coming in in the next two months. Actually, one this month (the 20th) and one before we go to Nova Scotia. I'll be finally using the stuff I've been buying and hoarding for lo, these many months. (Much to Obbie's relief)

We've decided to fly to Nova Scotia. We figured it out the other night, and between gas, tolls, the ferry to NS, and a two hotel stays, we'd have more wrapped up in driving than we would flying. So I found a non stop flight out of Newark, NJ (The best kept secret on the East Coast, airport wise) that will get us to NS in 2.5 hours. HAH!! The only problem with this little plan is the lack of $$$ saved. Since plane tickets can vary in price from day to day, we need to get these purchased pretty damn quick, or they'll shoot up dramatically. But I'm working on that.

This weekend won't be very exciting. Obbie is working at the car show on Friday and Saturday, so I've got nearly a whole day to bead. Yeah, I said BEAD. I'll bead some, I'm sure, but there are other things to do solo. Like cleaning. What fun!

I'll get my Randumb Friday list together tonight and post reeeally early in the AM tomorrow. I'm not blogging from the wwrk place anymore, except today, since it is lunchtime. Common sense intervened with 'goofing around', which there isn't much of anymore, since I'm in a different capacity.

Ah, life goes on.....

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