Sunday, April 09, 2006

Weekend Update

Jane, you ignorant slut....


My hatred of banks runs deep. I've been asked to leave a bank on one occasion, because I scared one of the ladies behind the desk. (Now THAT was funny..) Anyway, one thing that continually pisses me off to the HIGHEST plane of pissed offedness is overdraft fees. Tell me, WHY would a bank allow a person to use their VISA/debit card if there is no money in the account? Why? Because they can hack you 35 bucks on a seven dollar grocery purchase, thats why. Bastards. I hate banks. I send a flaming email (no swearing though) to my bank this morning admonishing them about that very same topic. Why? Why isn't the damn thing rejected? Accounting mistakes happen all the time, no matter who you are, but to allow someone to make 3 or 4 transactions against an already overdrafted account is just being absurd. Now not only do I have to scramble to make a deposit to cover the overdrafts, but I have to contact the 3 places I have automatic payments set up with, that I'm changing banks. What a freaking hassle. Banks suck. They have all the marbles. They keep our money for us, they loan us money (heh, not me), they bascially own us. So they can treat us like redheaded stepchildren, and when you complain, they lecture you on 'fiscal responsibility', all the while, sitting in their plush offices paid for by your fees. Nuts. Just nuts.

I could get far too hatefully ranty about banks, so I'm changing the subject.

Obbie & I spent the evening with the Former Chef last night. Big fun! FC's oldest child was in a fashion show at the maul yesterday. We decided to surprise her by showing up. Well. Next time I want to go to a maul on Saturday, would someone just beat me? No, really. Hurt me. Not a parking space to be had, and once we got parked, the place was packed to the rafters with an assortment of freaks the likes of which I haven't seen for a long, long time. My. God. The fashion show was weird too. FC's kid was the youngest, but by far the smartest, and the only one who acted like she had a pulse. As luck would have it, we were late (Imagine) and only caught the last 'catwalk' with the 'ladies'. Then we stood around until they got their collective shit together. We scattered to the four corners of the maul, Obbie and I in search of a watch for me.

My watch died about 3 weeks ago, and I am so disconnected I can't stand it. I need a watch, but I'm picky, my watches have to have three things, hands, numbers and the date. Indiglo is a good thing too, but it isn't as critical as having numbers on the dial. I hate digital watches. And I need the date on it because half the time I don't have a clue what day it is......

After the unsuccessful watch hunt, we exited (rapidly) the maul and headed to FC's house. Stopping at the coffee store on the way. (Sample bags of coffee for a buck each. It's good stuff. Also, using the VISA for third and final overdraft of the day....19.50 in coffee, 35.00 overdraft...bastards) FC's ex and the kids were gathering forces to go to his house for their usual Saturday evening at Daddys. After they left, we left to go to the restaurant. A new one in town, where we were shown to our table by a bored looking kid. We sat. And sat. And sat. The table next to us was seated, menued, watered, and their drink orders were taken. We sat. And sat. Finally FC says, "Lets get out of here." As we passed the bored kid, he asked, "Is there anything wrong?" FC replies, "Don't know. Nobody could be bothered to wait on us." and we split. We ended up at her usual place, where she knows the staff, and the food meets her criteria for being decent. We spent the next couple hours, eating, drinking, and laughing hysterically. A good time was had by all. Obbie got to tell stories that FC had never heard, and he in turn got to hear stories that we haven't told in years. Being that we're old, fat people, we were home in bed way before midnight. Hey! Come on, I was up at 5:45!!

And there you have it. Another thrilling day in the life of. It's sunny and cool outside, but we're homies today. Too much running around yesterday, but no chores were done. The house is a wreck, and I'm out of socks. The writing is on the wall, or the laundry basket.

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